Marauder of the Week – Jake Cunningham & Sebastian Tolls


The nominee for Marauder of the Week for the week of May 7th is Jake Cunningham, a senior here at Belmont High School. Classmates and teachers know Jake as respectful, thoughtful, and incredibly funny! He talked about his favorite classes, Personal Finance and Spreadsheets: “Both classes have taught me very valuable skills about my future.” Although he loves his math classes, the teacher that has been most influential in his high school career comes from the English department. “Ms. Bosch…has been able to get me to connect with the class and what was going on in English this year. Her attitude towards things always makes me excited to go to English.” Next fall, Jake plans to study marketing at Bridgewater State University, and in the interim, he will continue to work at the Belmont Star Market, where he currently works four days a week. Jake played baseball and was awarded the Sportsmanship Award freshman year, which recognized his positive attitude and admirable work ethic both on and off the field. When he is not working, studying, or playing baseball, he really enjoys listening to music. “I find it to be very therapeutic to just sit down after a long or hard day with my headphones and just listen to my favorite bands for a couple hours. I find that the meaning of songs that I listen to are often easy to relate to.” He wants students at Belmont High School to know that “it’s important to get work done, but have fun while doing it.” Congratulations, Jake!

-Haley Brown, Class of 2018


Sebastian Tolls, a senior at Belmont High School, has been nominated as the Marauder of the Week for the week of May 7th! Sebastian is a polite, hardworking student who aspires to pursue a career in medicine. Though Sebastian takes great interest in subjects such as mathematics and general sciences, he is most interested in anatomy, as it is a crucial aspect of his dream job. His favorite memory from anatomy class was when his teacher, Ms. Chen, brought out a box of “vacuum-sealed packages of brains…Some people were just not ready to see that.” He claims that although initially, the lab entailed horror and disgust, it was overall one of the greatest learning experiences of that class. Outside of school, Sebastian is an Eagle Scout with Boy Scout Troop 304 in Belmont; he took the position of Junior Assistant Scoutmaster for two years. In addition, he is also a certified First Responder and volunteer with the Region 4B Medical Reserve Corps, a division of FEMA responsible for emergency medical treatment in the event of natural disasters and terrorism. While many of his peers know him as a polite, hardworking, and driven person, he hopes that the community also sees his benevolence towards the people that he cares about. Sebastian is an avid photographer who maintains a photography blog found at As a result of his well-spent high school years, he wishes that the student body will be kind to their teachers. “You might not like a certain subject or a particular teacher, however, if you are respectful and kind, they will generally do everything they can to make sure you succeed and get what you need in order to be successful. [Some] of the best assets of Belmont High School are the teachers that make up the school.”

-Hoon Baeg, Class of 2019