BHS’s First Final Exam “Stress Free Brunch”

At the start of the year the BHS Student leadership team identified final exams and the resulting stress as an area for growth at Belmont High. Students organized the first ever “Stress Free Brunch,” in an effort to enhance the school’s environment and let students and staff blow off some steam. A free brunch was organized with food provided by both the BHS Food Serviced staff and by volunteers who baked and purchased items. Five therapy dog teams were on site through a partnership with Dog B.O.N.E.S. (, and good music was on hand to keep the atmosphere fun.

Both students and staff members took a break from exams to have a great brunch, listen to music and play with the dogs.

Thank you to all the students and staff members who helped make this possible.

Dog 223Dog 9Dog 20Daog 2Dog 15Dog 8Dog 7Dog 16Dog 21Dog 18


Impaired Driver Simulator Event

Belmont High School and the Belmont Police Department have come together for an event on April 1, 2015. An Impaired Driver Simulator Event will be taking place in the BHS parking lot.  Students are encouraged to attend, and take part in driving the go-kart. Students must have a driver’s license or permit. The Massachusetts State Police will be providing us with the equipment, and we are all looking forward to working together for this fun and informative event.

Student 1

Belmontian Club-Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, 10/5

It is October, and the Belmontian Club has been planning for Breast Cancer month at BHS. As a first step (no pun intended!), many of us are walking in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer on Sunday, October 5, where representatives from the club will be on the stage at the Hatch Shell in recognition of our third-place finish in last year’s High School Challenge. If you would like to support the team (and the American Cancer Society’s efforts in breast cancer research, education, treatment, and patient support), we’d be delighted to accept your donations. You may make contributions online by going to our team website: and clicking on “Donate Now” or by sending a check, made out to the American Cancer Society, to Alice Melnikoff, Belmont High School, 221 Concord Avenue, Belmont, MA 02478. We can collect donations throughout October and November. Last year, from all of our breast cancer fundraising activities, we raised $15,000, and we are hoping to exceed that this year. We will keep you up to date on the many events we are planning for this year.

Thank you for all your support!

Cancer Walk 1Cancer Walk 2Cancer Walk 3Cancer Walk 4

Walk for Hunger

We were about 25 from BHS volunteering at the Cambridge Boat House checkpoint 6 for the Walk for Hunger for our 15th year.  Thought you might like to use some for the blog, your pix, whatever.  Alas, there was nothing I could do about the background!  ( I particularly like 00247, the one with Yalia Joyner and Ashley Marquez, who have been volunteers [and loving the cheering squad] for 4 years;  behind them is Mohamed Eldessouki and a tiny piece of Steven Vail)

Walk for Hungar VWalk for Hungar IVWalk for Hungar IIIWalk for Hungar IIWalk for Hungar

Help the Homeless Food Drive

Working to Help the Homeless is sponsoring a competitive food drive from April 1-12 to benefit the Belmont Food Pantry.  Students should bring  in non-expired, non-perishable items to their Social Studies classes. The winning Social Studies section will receive a bagel or pizza party.

The BFP has requested the following items:

Juice                                       Non wheat pasta
Spaghetti sauce                Tomato Paste
Rice                                        Mac n cheese
Tuna Fish                             Cake/Brownie Mix
Canned Fruit                      Chili
Peas                                      Carrots
Snacks                                  Hot Chocolate

Coffee                         Tea


The BFP cannot accept expired items.

3 individual size items=1 regular

BHS Students Volunteer at Rosie’s Place

High school students cooking from scratch for 150 people on a Sunday evening?  Absolutely!  Members of Working to Help the Homeless  (WTHH), a Belmont High School club, went to Rosie’s Place in Boston on March 17, ready to be chefs for a day at their  annual catering gig at Rosie’s.  Fundraising for the event occurred  in late November , while the shopping at Costco to pick up provisions  took place on Friday afternoon.

 Eleven WTHH members, chosen by lot, were accompanied by Alice Melnikoff, the club advisor,  who quickly taught the students everything they needed to know in order to whip up chicken parmesan, salad, pasta, and brownie sundaes.  The entire club membership had  baked batches of brownies to add a homemade touch to the dinner. 

The students set up the dining room, ran a bingo game, prepared dinner, and cleaned up afterward.

The evening was a huge success.  Not only did Rosie’s guests appreciate the delicious meal, but the WTHH students agreed that the experience itself was both fun and meaningful.

Rosie’s Place opened in 1974 as the nation’s first emergency shelter for women.  Rosie’s takes no federal or state government funding and provides many types of service for their clients.  If you’d like further information, go to

Rosie I Rosie II Rosie III

Belmont Recognized as Outstanding Committment to Music Education

National Program Spotlights Schools and Districts with Outstanding Commitment to Music Education


CARLSBAD, Calif., March 18, 2013—Heralding the commitment to music education, the NAMM Foundation designated 307 school districts across the country as Best Communities for Music Education in a record-breaking year for participation. In addition to the Best Community districts, 66 individual schools earned the 2013 Support Music Merit Award for providing students with access to comprehensive music education.

The Best Communities designation recognizes collaborative, from-the-ground-up efforts of teachers, administrators, students and parents who continually work to keep comprehensive music education as an integral part of the core curriculum. This year, nearly 2000 schools and school districts participated in the survey – an increase of 366% from 2012, resulting in a record number of designations. This year’s increase in survey participation is an indication of growing support from both parents and administrators who recognize the vital role that music learning plays in student achievement.

According to NAMM Foundation Executive Director Mary Luehrsen, the Best Communities for Music Education program is the bellwether of rising endorsement for this vital cause. “There is overwhelming research tying music education to higher overall student success in school and in life,” she said. “This designation recognizes communities for their commitment to music education and strengthens support for these programs. Having widely embraced the evidence indicating that music education yields great things in schools and communities, people are increasingly affirmative, advocating for school music curricula, and championing programs like Best Communities that recognize this commitment to music education.”

Now in its 14th year, the BCME program requires each school and district to detail funding, staffing, commitment to standards, and access to music instruction. Responses are meticulously reviewed by researchers at The Institute for Educational Research and Public Service of Lawrence, Kansas (an affiliate of the University of Kansas) and the NAMM Foundation to calculate the designated districts and awarded schools.

 “The designation reveals the elements of music programs so educators, administrators, teachers and students can see what they have, what they need, what they have accomplished, and what work needs to be done to strengthen their music education now and for the future,” Luehrsen said.

2013 Best Communities for Music Education
2013 Support Music Merit Awarded Schools

About NAMM Foundation
The NAMM Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the mission of advancing active participation in music making across the lifespan by supporting scientific research, philanthropic giving and public service programs from the international music products industry. For more information about the NAMM Foundation, please visit

# # #
Elizabeth Lascaze or Jill Knepper for NAMM
Public Relations | Phone: 213-623-4200,

Your Donation Counts

Thank you, BHS community, for your incredible generosity in our warm clothing drive for Sandy survivors in New Jersey.  There was such an outpouring of support, that Mr. Patrick Dayton, BHS special education aide, had to trade in his SUV for a borrowed pick-up truck, which is completely full inside and out.  He will be driving down to Hoboken today to make a donation on BHS’s behalf.

Alice Melnikoff