BHS Marauder of the Week


Junior Dylan McLaughlin is this week’s nominee for Marauder of the Week! His favorite subjects are chemistry and biology, and having just finished AP Biology, he is looking forward to taking AP Chemistry senior year. When asked about which of his teachers have been most influential for him over the course of his high school career, Dylan mentioned Ms. DeFarias and Ms. Bosch, both of whom he says “show care for you as a person, as well as an academic student”. Next year he will be a teaching assistant for Honors Biology classes, something that he hopes will help him figure out whether he likes chemistry or biology more, and which one he’d like to study in college. Outside of school, Dylan does ceramics and is on the set crew for the PAC. Someone who is proud of his academic achievements, his advice for incoming juniors is “you will be alright as long as you get it done and put in effort for it”, and he made a point of talking about also taking time to relax and enjoy being in high school. Congratulations on your nomination, Dylan!

  • Elisabeth Pitts, Class of 2020


Philip Scali:

This week’s nominee for Marauder of the Week is junior Philip Scali. A student with diverse interests and many talents, Philip is one of the captains of the varsity golf team, a sport he has played every year of his high school career. In addition to golfing, he also plays on the varsity lacrosse team and hopes to make it back onto varsity for the second time during his senior year. His favorite class is You and the Law, taught by Mr. Berkman. When asked to explain, he said, “I felt that it applied to my life and it taught me some good skills that I could use throughout the rest of my life”. One of his favorite teachers is Dr. Shea, who teaches Global Leadership. Philip describes him as “very engaging, extremely personable, and someone who makes the class fun while teaching relevant things about the world”. In Global Leadership, Philip was able to examine wide-reaching issues like water crises and education in the Middle East, topics that he found to be extremely interesting. When asked if he had any advice for incoming juniors, he simply said, “Work hard”, and it’s unsurprising, as Philip himself is an embodiment of that sentiment. Congratulations on being nominated!

  • Elisabeth Pitts, Class of 2020

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