BHS One Act Play Festival, May 11-12

Our Earth planet . Mixed media . Mixed media

The Annual Student Directed Festival features 10-minute plays directed by PAC Members. One Acts are a mix of comedy, drama and everything in between. This year’s group of directors includes 14 seniors, who have cast 40 students in the eight plays. Another 50 students are working backstage, taking complete ownership for designing all of the scenery, lighting, costumes, and sound for the shows.

From the deck of the Titanic to outer space, monkeys in a laboratory, dogs falling in love at the park, and a visit to a psychic there are some wildly imaginative situations. Humor and drama also appear in everyday situations, in a small apartment, a chance encounter in a bar, and a funeral parlor.



Tickets are now on sale at Champions in Belmont Center, and available online.

7pm performances sometimes sell out, so buy your tickets in advance!

CONTENT WARNING: Some of the One Act Plays contain mature themes or adult language, which may not be suitable for children.

Online tickets and info at


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