BHS Marauders of the Week (Zach Steward & Sam Bastille)

Zach Steward is a senior at BHS. His favorite subjects at school include English, because of the course material and the discussions held in class, and science, because of the hands-on approach students are allowed to take. Zach is a member of Black in Belmont, and is helping the club plan their next steps for the legacy of the club after their teacher presentations and Diversity Week assembly. His proudest accomplishment at BHS is becoming a part of something bigger than himself through Black in Belmont, and helping to provide a safe place within the school through the club. Speaking about his experience within the BHS community, he says, “I was born with cerebral palsy…It has definitely not been easy to walk around and to be perceived as different, even though no one says it outright…But with my support system, my family and my friends, I know I can get through it.” As for advice to incoming students, he says, “There is always someone who will look out for you…You just have to find a good support system to back you up whenever need be, and don’t push yourself too hard.”

-Eva Hill, Class of 2018


Sam Bastille, a senior at Belmont High School, has been nominated as the Marauder of the Week for the week of April 30! Sam is not only outgoing, friendly, and a pleasure to be around, but he is also hardworking and truly cares about learning. He notes that his favorite subject is biology, and he finds studying cells and molecules to be very fascinating. He took honors biology as a junior and currently takes AP biology. Having had the same teacher (Mrs. Elfreth) for both years, he has formed a unique bond with her and describes her as “one of the sweetest, most exciting and passionate people” he’s met. Outside of the classroom, he participates in Belmont High School’s Performing Arts Company (PAC). Some of his “closest friendships have been forged by participating” in both the PAC and chorus. Not only is Sam interested in biology and plans to study it in college, but he is also passionate about language and believes that learning “a language not only allows you to communicate with others, but it also teaches you to be persistent and positive.” Sam went on to say that “It’s hard to learn a language, and if you want to succeed you need to put the work in, but ultimately it is very rewarding.” As Sam prepares to leave the high school and head to college, he advises that people should just “take everything one step at a time.” He says, “Don’t rush yourself, because time will get away from you.” Congratulations, Sam, and we are all excited to see what you do with the future ahead of you!

-Haley Brown, Class of 2018

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