PTSO Hosting Staff Appreciation Celebration, 5/11

The Belmont High School PTSO is hosting a the 2018 Staff Appreciation Celebration on Friday, May 11th.  The event  begins in the morning and remains open throughout the day.  Sign up to contribute to the success of this very special day.



All items can be dropped off in the lounge anytime after 6:45am on Friday, May 11th.


The items on the list are meant as a guide, creative additions are welcome.   Please label all homemade goods with a list of ingredients.   All items can be broken down by type or amount, for example, one dozen plain bagels or one container homemade greek yogurt, etc.  Volunteers are also needed to help with set up, clean up and restocking through out the day. Contact Christina Ramey at with any questions.


The BHS parent community has been extremely supportive of this event in the past and the teachers and staff have come to look forward to a great selection of treats and indulgences.    Thank you all for your help in showing our teachers and staff how much we truly appreciate what they do for our students everyday.


All the best,




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