Class of 2018 Reminders

Hello Seniors!

As graduation is rapidly approaching, please remember that the following requirements need to be completed in order for you to walk across that stage!: 

PE Verifications due May 11th: For those of you fulfilling your PE requirements through an outside contract, please turn in verification that you have completed the necessary hours (1 semester = 30 hours, Full Year = 60 hours). Please turn this in to Athletics by Friday, May 11th.

Community Service hours due May 11th: Please check with your Guidance Counselor or Ms. Melnikoff if you are unsure of the amount of Community Service hours you have turned in. If you have been at Belmont High School since Freshmen year, you are required to complete 40 hours before graduation. Reflection sheets can be found in both the Guidance and the History office. Remember, hours completed do not count until you have turned in a reflection sheet!

Please update all of your college decisions on Naviance. Naviance uses the information you input in order to create the scattergrams. If you do not know how to update your college decisions, please see your Guidance Counselor.

Continue to do well in all of your classes while remembering that the college of your choice will see your final grades. Finish the year strong – you’re in the home stretch!

Stop by Guidance if you have any questions.

BHS Guidance Department

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