BHS Two-Hour Delay for The Opening of School, 3/22

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Staff:

Due to the impending storm, the Belmont Public Schools will have a two-hour delay for the opening of school on Thursday, March 22.


School Start Times with a 2-hour Delay:

Belmont High School                      9:35

Chenery Middle School                 9:55

Burbank Elementary                       10:40

Butler Elementary                           10:40

Wellington Elementary                  10:40

Winn Brook Elementary                10:50


We will monitor the conditions of the storm overnight and if the conditions worsen we will make the decision to cancel early tomorrow morning. 

No call in the morning means the two-hour delay stays in place.



John P. Phelan

Superintendent of Schools

Belmont, Massachusetts


Belmont High School – 2 Hour Delay Schedule

Thursday, 3/22

2 Hour Delay

Yellow – A4/B4 9:35 AM 10:15 AM
Pink – C4/D4/E4 10:18 AM 10:58 AM
Green – F4/G4/H4 (ELA/SS/MATH) 11:01 AM 11:39 AM
Green – F4/G4/H4 (ALL OTHER CLASSES) 11:42 AM 12:18 PM
Orange – I4/J4/K4/L4 (ELA/SS/MATH) 12:21 PM 1:01 PM
Orange – I4/J4/ K4/L4 (ALL OTHER CLASSES) 1:04 PM 1:44 PM
Purple- M4/N4/O4 1:47 PM 2:25 PM


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