BHS Girlhood Project

On Friday, 2/2/18, 16 female students and Assistant Principal, Ms. Hurtubise, attended The Girlhood Project (TGP) Conference “Redefining Girlhood: From Margin to Center.” It was a day of celebration, co-creation, community, and critiques, featuring keynote speaker Dr. Dominique C. Hill from Amherst College.

Beginning on 2/13/18, the same cohort will attend an 8 week course called Girlhood, Identity, and Girl Culture taught by Dr. Amy Rutstein-Riley at Lesley University as part of a service-learning project with her undergraduate students. We will learn about the social and cultural construction of girlhood and how cultural practices help form girls’ identities. You and the other girls will be mentored by undergraduate students on topics such as fitting in, negotiating identities, and the possibilities for social change. We are grateful for a generous grant from the FBE (Foundation for Belmont Education) which funds this project.

Girlhood Project


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