2017-2018 BHS School Advisory Committee Results

Congratulations to Virginia Cox and Wendy Murphy for being elected to the 2017-2018 BHS School Advisory Committee. 

Virginia Cox

Statement: I have three children in the Belmont Public School system–Eliza Filler a senior; Mia Filler an 8th-grader; and Owen Filler a 5th-grader.

I am the owner of a small visual and graphic design business called V Design, which I launched over 21 years ago. I work primarily as a visual strategic consultant, brand innovator and graphic designer in Greater Boston area. I’ve worked with the Cambridge Montessori School, Citizens School, WGBH programming and fundraising departments, and well as large and small software, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology businesses.

Recently I stepped down as board member of the Foundation for Belmont Education, where I directed visual and graphic design for both marketing and fundraising efforts for five years. While I plan to stay involved and help volunteer my design services for their spring fundraiser, I hope to broaden my skills as a facilitator and innovator, and learn more about the inner tickings of our schools. Collaborating with a team to generate the energy necessary to facilitate and support innovation and collaboration has always been one of my lifelong passions. Last spring I was reminded of how important this is to me when I was fortunate to participate in Belmont Visioning Workshop. It was a wonderful experience and I felt inspired by all the ideas that emerged from so many different people.

Wendy Murphy

Statement: I am interested in serving on the BHS Advisory Council. I am a former prosecutor, and practicing attorney specializing in impact litigation in state and federal court related to violence against women and children. I currently serve on the Board of the BHS PTSO, and I am a co-President of the Belmont Woman’s Club. My five children were educated in the Belmont Public Schools. My youngest is a BHS Junior. My interest in serving on the Council includes helping to make sure that high school students, especially girls, are prepared for the culture of university life. As a law professor, I write and lecture widely on the constitutional and federal civil rights of women and girls, such as Title IX and Title IV, and analogous state laws. I am gravely concerned about the recent statements of Education Secretary Betsy Devos regarding her plan to weaken the educational civil rights of women and girls. Studies show that 1 in 3 to 1 in 4 females are sexually assaulted during college. I want to work with the Advisory Council to ensure that BHS students and their families have access to reliable information about civil rights laws so that they may develop a better understanding of the ways that sexual assault and other gender-based harms weaken the fabric of entire communities, and diminish the constitutionally protected rights of all women and girls to fully equal and safe access to education, from K-12, through college and beyond.

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