BHS Faculty and Staff Professional Development Day, 3/8

Thank you to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) for presenting to the BHS faculty and staff on 3/8. The two-hour professional development program was designed to help faculty and staff members work as allies to identify and understand mental health conditions that can have significant impact on students’ academic success and overall well being.

The program addressed a range of mental health conditions with an emphasis on:




*Oppositonal Defiant Disorder


It provided practical, solutions-oriented information, including:

*Signs and symptoms


*Classroom strategies and accommodations

*Strengthening alliance with families

*Understanding stigma and empathy


The program was presented by a panel of engaging speakers with uniquely relevant expertise and perspectives:

*A young adult shared his challenges of mental health issues as a high school student and professional life.

*A teacher and school nurse offered their classroom and professional experiences working with students with mental illness in high schools.

*A parent shared her struggles and successes as her child progressed through high school and tips for communicating with families.


*The faculty and staff members are better equipped to recognize signs and symptoms of common youth mental health conditions.

*The faculty and staff gained a greater awareness of resources, tools, and strategies.


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