BHS & Chenery Awards in the Fine & Performing Arts

Last week was an exciting one for the Department of Visual & Performing Arts, as we received the results of the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards and the MMEA Northeast Junior District Auditions.

In the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards, twenty-four students from BHS and five from CMS earned a total of thirty-seven distinctions:

Chenery Middle School – Scholastic Art Awards

Kevin Chen                         Honorable Mention for “Circus Clown”

Sophie Fullerton                Honorable Mention for “Violet’s Purples”

Elin Mica                             Honorable Mention for “Wait for the Pancakes”

Helena Starzec                  Honorable Mention for “Aer Lingus”

Katarina Westermark      Honorable Mention for “Dry Bones”

Belmont High School – Scholastic Art Awards

Anne Baker                        Gold Key, painting

Laurent Brabo                   Honorable Mention

Sebastien Chase                Two Gold Keys, drawing; Silver Key, painting

Graham Denison               Gold Key, painting

Phoebe Derba                   Gold Key, painting

Nayun Eom                        Two Gold Keys, mixed media; Silver Key, drawing

Hayoung Jo                        Silver Key, painting

Olga Katayenko                Silver Key, painting

Hyuk-Je Kwon                    Gold Key, digital art; Silver Key, film

Flynn Leeb                          Gold Key, painting

Annie Li                               Honorable Mention, painting

Alice Luo                             Silver Key, painting

Lauren Paquette               Silver Key, painting; Two Honorable Mentions, painting

Sophie Pollock                   Gold Key, painting

Calista Reagan                  Honorable Mention, painting

Paul Roche                         Honorable Mention, painting

Walter Shen                       Honorable Mention, drawing

Mariel Somers                   Honorable Mention, painting

Manvi Tandon                   Honorable Mention, painting

Nathanael Taylor              Honorable Mention, painting

Bruce Westgate                Silver Key, painting

Eileen You                          Honorable Mention, painting

Jia Zhang                            Silver Key, painting; Two Silver Keys, drawing

The MMEA Northeast Junior District Festival accepts music students in Grade 7-9 to participate in honors Band, Chorus, Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble based on the results of auditions held at the end of January. This year 52 students from CMS and seven from BHS have been accepted to participate:

Chenery Middle School – MMEA Jr. Districts

Angus Abercrombie          Chorus

Becca Anderson                Tuba

Gemma Carlile                  Chorus

Krista Chan                         Trombone

Alyssa Chen                        Violin

Jason Chen                         Clarinet

Katarina Chen                    Viola

Maya Chen-Jones             Flute

Andrew Coleman              Chorus

Lincoln Crockett               Timpani

Alicia Grassia                     French Horn

Cameron Gurwell             Euphonium

Lydia Haddad                     French Horn

Andrew Huang                  Violin

Sei Young Jang                  Jazz Trumpet

Laura Jansen                      Violin

Emily Kaiser                       Chorus

Katie Kaiser                        Chorus

Megan Kornberg               Oboe

Isaac Laing                         Cello

Gaeun Lee                          Clarinet

Miro Leeb                           Viola

Dahlia Liu                           Violin

Grace Liu                            Viola

Andrew Lu                          Violin

Christopher Lynch            Jazz Trumpet

Christian Manjikian          Chorus

Yatin Mankan                    Chorus

Jackson Mann                   Chorus

Colin Martin                       Bassoon

Elia Matrician                    Oboe

Henry Min                          Clarinet

Kole Murawski                  Chorus

Adi Nelson                          Bassoon

Jessica Peng                       Flute

Elly Pickette                       Oboe

Shivane Pratap                  Cello

Erik Rossenmeier              Chorus

Robert Sheng                     Cello

Irene Son                            Clarinet

Sam Stevens                      Cello

Claire Svetkey                    Euphonium

Jason Tang                         Clarinet

Giulio Valfre-Zeydenman Chorus

Albert Wang                      Cello

Andy Wei                            Flute

Alex Yang                           Cello

Martin You                         Chorus

Clark Zhang                        Oboe

Karen Zhang                       Violin

Kenneth Zhou                    Tuba

Henry Zuccarello               Trombone


Belmont High School – MMEA Jr. Districts

Alyssa Allen                        Chorus

Renuka Balakrishnan       Chorus

Ethan Jin                             Jazz Trumpet

Mindee Lai                         Violin

David Leigh                        Flute

Charlotte Nilsen                String Bass

Walter Shen                       Chorus

Congratulations to each of these students on being recognized for their achievement, as well as to all of the students who audition for Junior Districts or submitted a piece for the Scholastic Art Awards. You should all be very proud of your work!

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