Guidance Speaker – “College Admissions Testing: A Roadmap for the SAT, ACT, and Other Tests”

Please join us on Tuesday, January 24th at 6:30 pm in the BHS Auditorium for a presentation by Drew Heilpern, Director of Educational Partnerships at Summit Educational Group, on “College Admissions Testing: A Roadmap for the SAT, ACT, and Other Tests.”

In this seminar, we will explain the role of standardized tests in the college admissions process.  We will discuss the differences between the SAT and ACT to help students and families better understand these tests’ design.  Lastly, we will examine sample problems from the two tests to highlight the differences between them so that students can make a more informed decision when deciding between the SAT and ACT.  With the first administration of the redesigned SAT last spring and an increasing number of students taking the ACT, families have many questions about the current state of standardized testing.  The goals of this presentation are to take away some of the anxiety that surrounds these tests and to give families information to help guide them through their own unique testing plans:  Which test.  When to take them.  How and when to prepare for them.

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