BHS Quarter 1 Model Marauder Awards

Belmont High School honored the recipients of the 2016-2017 Model Marauder Awards for Excellence and Creativity at the BHS Pep Rally on November 23.  BHS students are eligible to be nominated for the Award in the areas of scholarship, art and citizenship (three finalists for each category).  Staff is eligible to be nominated in the areas of teaching, learning and meeting the needs of students and their families (three finalists).  Student and Staff nominations are reviewed by a committee of staff members who forward finalists to the school administration for evaluation. Students and staff are nominated on a quarterly basis. Congratulations to the awardees.

Excellence and creativity in art – Andre Ramos (Senior)
Andre is one of the most spirited and enthusiastic members of the BHS art community, serving as Assistant Director for Hamlet, an active member of the PAC and as a chamber singer. He has led scene work, coordinated technical aspects of shows and always demonstrates an infectious energy that lifts everyone around him.
Excellence and creativity in scholarship – Noah Riley (Senior)
Noah is another example of spirit and enthusiasm at BHS in addition to his outstanding academic achievement. He is an All American Model UN participant, varsity captain, SILS award winner, and  Middlesex League award winner. In all aspects of his life at BHS, most especially his academics, Noah brings his A game every day.
Excellence and creativity in citizenship – Tess Stromberg (Junior)
Tess is an enthusiastic, passionate, and hardworking student who brings a wonderful energy to BHS every day. She cares deeply about her peers and teachers, and always finds a way to say something kind or encouraging. Recently she has worked with BHS staff members to explore mindfulness as a practice, including speaking publicly to over 70 adults in the community about her experiences with mindfulness on her own and at school. She is a role model for personal growth and commitment here at BHS.
Excellence and creativity in education  – Mr. Bruno (Special Education)
Mr. Bruno is an integral member of the BHS community and works tirelessly to support his students and colleagues. He is a stable force in the lives of his students, serving as a teacher, mentor and advocate. Anyone who works with Mr. Bruno feels supported and respected, and appreciates the zeal with which he approaches solving today’s challenges in education. Mr. Bruno represents the best that we have to offer at BHS and we are proud to have his as our Model Marauder.

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