Congratulations BHS Fine and Performing Arts

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The past few days have been very exciting for our music students at Belmont High School, with the announcement of selections to the MMEA Northeast Senior District Festival, All-State recommendations, and All-Eastern ensemble acceptances.

Three BHS vocalists were accepted to perform in the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) All-Eastern Festival, April 5-8 in Atlantic City, NJ. This festival selects the most accomplished musicians from high school programs in the east coast to perform together during this four day event. Congratulations for this honor go to

Mary Galstian

Georgia Parsons

Connor Quinn

On Saturday, Nov. 19, 128 students from Belmont High School auditioned for the Massachusetts Music Educators Association (MMEA) Northeast Senior District Festival, which takes place in January at UMass Lowell. Students who are selected to perform in these ensembles are recognized as the most outstanding vocalists and instrumentalists in our region. This year I am proud to announce that fifty-one students from Belmont High School were accepted, and that twenty of those students received All-State Recommendations. This awards them to opportunity to audition for the MMEA All-State Festival later this winter. The following students were accepted to perform in the Senior District Festival this year (*denotes All-State Recommendation).

Idris Abercrombie             Trombone

Charlotte Alexin                Bassoon

Merrill, Barnes                  Chorus

James Boyle                       Chorus

Samantha Casey               Trombone

Jessica Chen                      Viola

Ben Crocker                       Chorus

Ziyoung Cui                        Violin

Eleanor Dash*                   Trumpet

Justin Dong*                      Clarinet

Joia Findeis                        Viola

Mary Galstian*                  Chorus

Chris Giron                         Bassoon

Hisako Gutterman*          Trombone

Anthony Haddad*             Jazz Bass

Sammy Haines*                Chorus

Eva Hill                                Chorus

Wonyoung Jang*              Euphonium

Eliza Jones*                       French Horn

Nate Jones*                       Jazz Trombone

Daniel Klingbeil                 Cello

Elizabeth Knight*              String Bass

Daniel Lay                          Violin

Oliver Leeb*                      Chorus

Raffi Manjikian                  Chorus

Kevin Martin                      Chorus

Andrew Mazzone              String Bass

Linnea Metelmann*         French Horn

Matthew Miller                 Clarinet

Tina Noonan*                   Chorus

Alex Park*                          Jazz Trumpet

Georgia Parsons               Chorus

Calvin Perkins*                  Trumpet

Olivia Pierce                       Chorus

Audrey Quinn                     Violin

Connor Quinn                    Chorus

Paul Rhee                           Violin

Josh Ryan                           Chorus

Becca Schwartz                 Chorus

Lila Searls                           Alto Saxophone

Ned Searls                          Trumpet

Edward Stafford*             Chorus

Ian Svetkey                        Chorus

Gillian Tahajian                 Flute

Walker Thomas*              Trumpet

Evan Wagner                     Trumpet

Amanda Wan                     Violin

Alan Wang                         Bass Clarinet

Alex Wilk*                          Viola

Amy Wu*                            Oboe

Yanzhe Xu*                        Bass Clarinet

It is rare for a school district to have so many music students achieve at such a high level. This level of student recognition is a testament to the commitment our school district and community have made to music education over several decades, and should serve as a source of pride for the entire town. Congratulations to all of the students listed above for the hours of practice that led to this honor, to the teachers whose dedication and expertise helped to guide them, and to their families for their continual support and encouragement over the years.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving –


Arto Asadoorian

Director of Visual & Performing Arts, Belmont Public Schools

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