BHS Students’ Voice, 9/23

Dear Faculty, Staff, Parents, and Guardians,


This past week at Belmont High School, a group of about twenty students peacefully organized their voices to support the national protest of “Black Lives Matter.”  On Friday, September 23, the students wore black to school and some students chose to write “Black Lives Matter” on their arms. The students’ intentions were to bring awareness to the topic and to continue the conversation our nation is having. The students successfully brought attention to the topic in a peaceful and respectful manner by having dialogues with students, faculty, staff, and administrators without any disruption to the school day.


In addition to the events during the school day, approximately twelve of our athletes chose to support our students’ voice at the evening football game by mirroring what some professional athletes have decided to do by kneeling during the national anthem. The athletes who chose to kneel in support of the “Black Lives Matter” movement did so in an organized, respectful manner. The athletes who chose not to kneel decided to support the students kneeling by standing next to them, placing their left hand on their shoulder and their right hand over their hearts. This was a decision the students came to with the help of their coaches. This was also done in a peaceful and respectful manner.


Allowing students to express themselves while respecting the views of others is one of the hallmarks of Belmont High School. The “Black Lives Matter” movement continues to be a topic of passionate conversation across our nation and in our schools. I am extremely proud of the manner in which our students organized and conducted themselves this past week. Moving forward, I will be meeting with students to have a dialogue about how we can support opportunities for them to express their points of view on issues that matter to them in a manner that continues to foster open discussion, while recognizing and respecting the diversity of thinking and beliefs that exist across the student body and our greater school community.




Dan Richards


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