Mindful Marauder Event for Belmont Families

Date: Wednesday November 2nd 2016

Time: 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Location: Wenner Field House

Audience:  BHS Families & Staff

Description:  Interested in learning how to more effectively manage your student’s stressors and your own reactions to stress?  Join Nichole Bukowski, our in house mindfulness and yoga expert, and school psychologist Melissa Glotzbecker for an evening that will provide you with accessible knowledge and tools to navigate stress like a superhero. You will learn how practicing mindfulness positively impacts your teen’s developing brain. Research shows that youth who practice mindfulness as teenagers are able to focus better, sleep more soundly, manage emotions better, and make the best choices to support health and learning.  You will learn the science and research behind mindfulness in an accessible way making you want to be a Mindful Marauder and spread the good news forward! You will practice and learn  mindfulness techniques to use right away and leave the evening feeling refreshed and empowered with new knowledge and strategies.

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