BHS Advisory Council Results

Congratulations to Sally Martin for being elected as a parent representative to the 2016-2017 Belmont High School Advisory Council.
As the mother of two BHS students taking divergent academic paths, requiring completely different supports and services, and passionately participating in unrelated extracurricular opportunities, I fully appreciate the challenges BHS faces in meeting the needs of all students. While I am just one parent from one house, I know I will provide a perspective that reflects the needs of more than one kind of student. I would love to opportunity to work with the SAC to help make an already strong school even better.

I’ve been a Belmont resident for nearly 20 years, my children have grown up in the Belmont public schools and I’ve been a parent volunteer in many different capacities over the years. By profession, I’m a business consultant and some of my strengths are a passion for research and analysis, the ability to synthesize information quickly, and strong listening skills. My current community service efforts are focused on the Belmont Public Library and the town’s Solid Waste Committee. I am also on the Board of a children’s service agency in Cambridge.

Thank you for considering my candidacy.

 Sally Martin

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