BHS Bomb Threat Update III, 4/11

Dear Faculty, Staff, Parents, Guardians, and Students –

I am writing to share with you an update on today’s bomb threat at Belmont High School.

Earlier this morning the main office received an automated message saying there was a threat at our school. The threat was not specific in detail. Once the phone call information was shared with me, I initiated the Belmont High School protocol for a bomb threat. The protocol included assessing the level of threat, contacting the Belmont police and fire department, notifying the superintendent’s office, and activating the Belmont High School crisis team. Their response was quick and highly coordinated.

Once the team convened, it was decided to place the faculty, staff and students in a “hold in place” while team swept the building and outside campus areas to identify any threats. After the team deemed there were no threats, the “hold in place” was lifted and the school day resumed.

Over the course of the day, I have visited over a dozen classrooms to share this information with faculty, staff and students. I will continue to visit classes and welcome questions in order to provide clarity and feedback.

I am thankful and proud of how our faculty, staff and students proceeded through the event.  I want to thank the Belmont Police Department, Chief McLaughlin, Deputy Fire Chief Angus Davison, School Resource Officer Melissa O’Connor, Superintendent John Phelan, Assistant Principals Sherri Turner and John Muldoon and the Belmont High School Crisis Team for being present and actively working through this morning’s event.



Mr. Dan Richards


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