BHS & McLean Hospital Awarded Golden Torch Award

On Wednesday, 4/7 the Massachusetts Association of Secondary School Principals (MSSAA), National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) and the National Honor Society (NHS) award Belmont High School and McLean Hospital the Golden Torch Award in community service. The award reflects the partnership between Belmont High School and McLean Hospital in addressing healthy social and emotional health in adolescents.

Approximately two years ago, administrators and mental health staff from Belmont High School approached McLean Hospital to form a partnership to help provide additional social and emotional supports for students.

McLean was immediately responsive to this expressed community need, showing vision regarding how they could be of assistance. McLean has volunteered to provide a number of services to the Belmont community free of charge.  In the past year, McLean has helped developed and presented a speaker series to parents of Belmont High Students that has included experts speaking on topics such as adolescent stress and the potential mental health needs of high school students transitioning to college. The hospital has also provided training workshops to staff for no charge. These workshops have been on mental health topics that would allow staff to improve skills in working with high risk students struggling with mental health challenges. McLean has also made scholarship slots available to students who require intensive mental health services but do not have the resources to pay for those services. In addition, McLean has offered mental health consultation to Belmont High staff, assisting staff  in gaining a better understanding of some of our most challenged students.  All of these efforts have supported the Belmont Public School’s goal to support the social and emotional well being of our students.



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