Belmont High School Dog Sweep, 10/23

Dear Faculty, Staff, Parents and Guardians,

As you know, the welfare of our Belmont High School students and staff is one of our top priorities. In cooperation with the Belmont Police Department, school committee, and the greater Belmont community, we seek to ensure a safe place for teaching and learning.

Today, 10/23 from 9:00am – 9:20am, a dog sweep was conducted at Belmont High School while the school was in a modified shelter-in-place. Students and staff members were in classrooms with the doors closed while a team of trained dogs, escorted by police officers and school administrators, swept the parking lots, main hallways, common areas, and random students’ book bags for prohibited substances. During the exercise no students came in contact with the dogs. I am pleased to report no illegal substances were found during the exercise.

Using a canine sweep is part of an annual comprehensive plan to educate students and discourage them from using illicit drugs. Our ultimate goal is to maintain a drug-free school environment and avoid the serious events that can result from the use of illegal substances.

We hope that this annual initiative encourages our students to resist activity with illegal drugs and to make positive life-decisions. The event is an opportunity for you and your child to talk about good and bad choices and the serious consequences of using or bringing drugs to school. Please help by discussing today’s event at home.


Daniel E. Richards


Dogs 1Dogs 2

One thought on “Belmont High School Dog Sweep, 10/23

  1. It is a shame that it has come to Dog sweeps. But, you have to do what is safe for the students, staff and administrators. Glad that nothing was found. Thank you.

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