BHS Start of School Schedules

Belmont High School
  Start of School Schedule
First Day of School 9/2/15
9th and 12th Grade Class Assemblies
HOMEROOM 7:35 AM 8:13 AM
A3 8:15 AM 8:38 AM Freshman Assembly at 8:15 am.
iPads distributed at end of assembly.
Freshmen will return to their D3 class.
B3 8:38 AM 9:01 AM
C3 9:02 AM 9:25 AM
D3 9:25 AM 9:48 AM
E3 9:48 AM 10:11 AM
F3 10:13 AM 10:36 AM
G3 10:36 AM 10:59 AM
H3 10:59 AM 11:22 AM
I3 11:24 AM 11:47 AM
J3 11:47 AM 12:10 PM
K3 12:10 PM 12:33 PM
L3 12:35 PM 12:58 PM Senior Assembly at 12:35 pm. Seniors will take their class picture immediately after meeting.
M3 12:58 PM 1:25 PM
Thursday Friday
9/3/2015 9/4/2015
10th and 11th Grade Class Assemblies No School
Sophomore Assembly at 8:27 am
iPads distributed at end of Assembly
Sophomores will return to their FGH4 Class
Junior Assembly at 1:36 pm
Juniors will be dismissed directly from the assembly

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