Senior Service Day 2015

Belmont High School’s 11th annual Senior Service Day, held on June 3, was a success. The deluge had stopped the afternoon before, allowing all of the outdoor service activities to go forward, as 120 seniors first gathered in the cafeteria for the distribution of special Senior Service Day T-shirts, then had breakfast, thanks to generous donations from area merchants—Starbucks (Belmont Center) , Ohlin’s, Russo’s, Iggy’s, Linda’s Donuts, Quebrada,   Star Market, Costco, and  Stop & Shop (2 in Watertown).

Full of enthusiasm and anxious to give back to the community that has nurtured them, the students left hastily to put in a day’s work at many different service activities.  On the outdoor earthy track, groups went to Habitat, Community Farms, Belmont Acres Farm, Joey’s Park, Butler School Garden, Woodland Garden, and the BHS Courtyard, where projects ranged from pulling rocks to make way for crops to be planted to weeding and planting flowers, transforming the BHS Courtyard into a veritable Garden of Eden!  In addition, outdoor activities included sprucing up the patio for Belmont’s senior citizens at the Beech Street Center and the outside area at Bristol Lodge soup kitchen, as well as painting a wall at Town Field for the Rec Department.  For those who chose indoor activities, service sites included the Belmont Food Pantry and Library, the Town Clerk’s office, and many of the schools, where students did everything from interacting with students to cleaning out a book room.

Both the supervisors of the seniors and the seniors themselves felt the day was successful. In the words of Linda Wolfe of the Garden Club which hosted seniors at the Woodland Garden (around the perimeter of the Library):    “To all who participated in the High School Senior Service Day project at the Library Garden – THANK YOU!  The T-Ride bench pad and winter damaged curb area never looked so good.  And ice cream for lunch was excellent!

Senior Service Day 1 Senior Service Day 2 Senior Service Day 3 Senior Service Day 4 Senior Service Day 5 Senior Service Day 6 Senior Service Day 7

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