Class of 2015 Important Dates

Important Dates and Activities
May 15 Last Full Day of class for seniors
May 15 Senior/Junior Prom (report to school by 4:15 pm to sign in, grand promenade and board
bus to prom location) ($120)
May 18 Senior Exams – F1, G1, H1 (Pink) / I1, J1, K1 (Dark Blue)
(Seniors only need to be in school at the time of their exams)
May 19 POMS Senior Music Banquet, 6:00 pm @ Saint Joseph’s Church
May 19 Senior Exams – A2, B2, C2 (Yellow) / M2, N2, O2 (Purple)
May 20 Lillian Blacker Awards, 7:00 pm
May 21 Senior Exams – F4, G4, H4 (Green) / I4, J4, K4, L4 (Orange)
May 22 Senior Exams – A5, B5, C5 (Light Blue)
June 1 Senior Cruise (report to the BHS Cafeteria at 4:30 pm. Buses leave BHS at 5:15 pm. Return
to BHS 10:30 pm) (cost now $100.00)
June 2 Graduation Rehearsal (mandatory) report to the field house at 9:00 am
June 3 Senior Service Day (Seniors report to the BHS cafeteria at 8:00 am for breakfast and
They then proceed to their service sites for the day. Bring a bag lunch)
June 4 Graduation Rehearsal (mandatory) report to the field house at 9:00 am. Students enter
through the field house entrance.
June 5 Senior Awards Ceremony, 9:00 am (students report at 8:15 am)
June 7 Graduation 3:00 pm (report to the Upper Gym at 2:00 pm)
June 7 AllNight
Party, BHS cafeteria ($25.00)
Attendance is mandatory at the Graduation Rehearsals.
** All books and materials should be handed in to the teacher at the end of each exam or before. Lockers should
be cleaned out by May 22. All school discipline and financial obligations ( lost books fees, class dues, uniform
returns and library books) must be returned and paid in order to receive your cap, gown and yearbook. The fees
should be paid directly to the main office. These obligations must be met by May 22
PLEASE NOTE: All of the school rules outlined in the Belmont High School Student Handbook will be enforced
for the senior activities. In addition to the established consequences, violations of one or more of these rules may
lead to dismissal from the activity and denial of the privilege of participating in the remaining senior activities of
the year. This may include the denial of participation in the graduation ceremony.

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