BHS Students Volunteer at the 46th Walk for Hunger

Sunday, May 3, marked the 16th year that Belmont High School staffed Checkpoint 6 for the Walk for Hunger. Twenty-eight students, accompanied by Alice Melnikoff, the Community Service Coordinator, worked for 6 hours at the Cambridge Boat House. It was a beautiful day, if a tad warm for walkers and workers alike, and the workers were focused on their tasks as they stamped walkers’ pledge sheets, poured and distributed gallons of water, and enthusiastically cheered for the walkers as they emerged from the pedestrian tunnel coming into the checkpoint. BHS junior John Mahon described his experience by talking about the “spirit of the event, with everyone coming together for a good cause…. Even after five hours, when the walkers showed some spirit, we managed to scream at the top of our lungs. It was so awesome whenever a walker came by and said, “I needed this” or “you’re the best!”

Project Bread has reported that this 46th annual Walk for Hunger had 40,000 walkers and raised over $3million for hunger alleviation in Massachusetts.

Walk for Hunger 1Walk for Hunger IIWalk for Hunger IIIWalk for Hunger IV

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