BHS Course Recommendations for Next Year

“Student recommendations for courses for next year will be posted to Edline this evening.”

February 11, 2015

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The process of registering for classes for the 2015-2016 school year begins with course recommendations for the year. On February 11th, when you log into EDLINE, go to  Private Reports, you will see a report titled, “Demographics”, this report will list your student’s current classes, along with the recommendations made by his/her current teacher for next year. If you are unable to access your Edline account, please contact Nicole Femino ( In addition, your son/daughter will also be given a hard copy of the same course recommendations report with the backside listing the electives he/she may choose from for next year. This form will need to be signed off by a parent/guardian and returned to the guidance office by Wed. February 25th. On Edline, on the right-hand side, there will be a folder called Course Selection Forms containing the Elective Selection Sheets, PE and Academic independent study forms, course placement review form, and the Program of Studies. The Program of Studies lists all courses ever offered, but the elective sheet shows which elective courses are offered for the 2015-16 school year. Students disagreeing with their placement in a recommended core academic class should first talk with their teacher and begin the placement review process. Placement review forms can also be found in the Course Selection forms folder on Edline. They must be completed and turned in by Feb. 27th.Students must register for at least 32 credits (including 2 credits of PE). Eleventh graders must register for 32 credits, one of which must be Positive Decision Making. If you have any questions, please contact your student’s guidance counselor. Important Dates in the Course Selection Process:

February 2nd-6th        -Teachers will talk with students about recommendations and electives.

February 11th        -Teachers will submit student recommendations and student recommendations will be posted to Edline>Private Reports for students and parents to view, listed as a report titled, “Demographics”.

February 12th        -Hard copies of students’ recommendations and elective course offering sheets will be given to students in their English classes.

February 11th-13th, Feb. 23rd-26th         – Students who disagree with their placement recommendations meet with their teachers to start the placement review process. If a student still disagrees with the teacher recommendation after a discussion, the Course Placement Review Form must be completed and returned to guidance by February 25th.

February 25th        -Students must turn in to the guidance office completed and signed course recommendation forms. In addition, any course placement review forms MUST be submitted by February 27th.

March 2-20         – Students will meet with their guidance counselors to review choices and check graduation credits.                  

If the deadline is missed or the paperwork is incomplete, guidance will use the teacher recommendations and choose the best schedule for the student. Requests for changes after the February 27th deadline cannot be considered. There will be no add/drop period at the beginning of the 2015-16 school year.



Principal Richards

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