Congratulations To BHS and CMS Art Students

The Results for the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards are in. The Scholastic Art Awards are the nation’s longest-running, largest, most prestigious recognition program for creative teenagers in the visual and literary arts. Work is judged on originality, technical skill, and emergence of a personal voice or vision. The judges had a very difficult time with having to choose winners from over 17,000 entries.

The following students earned awards in this year’s competition. Please be sure to congratulate them for their work, and for this recognition.

Olga Brevnova American Visions Nominee Painting “Olga”
Della Copes-Finke Gold Key Painting “Mirror Mirror”
Darcy Feeley Gold Key Painting “Virus”
Chihiro Ichikawa Gold Key Painting “Records of My Universe”
Austin Ickes Gold Key Photography “The Gang’s All Here”
Sabine Strauch Gold Key Painting “Nausea”
Vinutna Veeragandham Gold Key Painting “Frame Of Green”
Suyeon Ji Silver Key Painting “paint my identity”
Kimberly Paquette Silver Key Painting “Disintegration”
Hae Soo Park Silver Key Painting “Emptiness”
Cheng Qin Silver Key Digital Art “Origin”
Amy Wang Silver Key Painting “Cast From the Garden: Self and the Seven Deadlies”
Adam Alper Honorable Mention Painting “Party Like Its 1899”
Hayoung Jo Honorable Mention Painting “Hide and Seek”
Najin Kim Honorable Mention Painting “The Show”
Yuzhe Li Honorable Mention Painting “Peanut Butter”
Shreya Patel Honorable Mention Painting “Incased”
Sierra Tseng Honorable Mention Painting “Staring Contest”

Zoe Armstrong Honorable Mention “Sophie”
Laurel Carpenter Honorable Mention “Untitled”
Laurel Carpenter Gold Key “Good Things Come in Threes”
Samantha Dignan Gold Key “Red Apple Roosters”
Leon Fan Honorable Mention “A Tale of Two Souls”
Octavia Leeb Gold Key “Queen Bee”
Hallie Liu Honorable Mention “A Man’s Burden”
Johanna Matulonis Honorable Mention “Songbird”
Viola Monovich Honorable Mention “Try Everything”
Viola Monovich Honorable Mention “Purple Haze”
Victoria Shaw Silver Key “Reading Alone”
Emily Zhang Silver Key “Neptune”

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