Demystify the College Application Process, 2/4

Conversation with Meredith Reynolds, BHS alumna and Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Tufts University 

Wednesday February 4, 7:30 – 8:30 pm

Belmont High School Library


Dear BHS Parents,

You are cordially invited to the PTO meeting featuring Meredith Reynolds, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Tufts University. Meredith will share with us the insider scoop on the college admissions process, taking Tufts University as a case study. We are especially happy that Meredith is one of our own – a graduate of Belmont High School!

Please join us to welcome Meredith back and prepare to ask questions after her talk! (Hint, you might want to browse the Tufts Admissions website to prepare your questions –

We look forward to seeing you on Feb 4!

Ming Zhong (

Michael Tymm ( )

Co-Presidents of BHS PTO, 2014-2015

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