STAR Awards from the Foundation for Belmont Education

Looking for a great way to thank a teacher or staff member during the holiday season? How about a STAR Award?

The FBE’s STAR (Staff and Teacher Award and Recognition) Awards recognize Belmont educators and staff who are committed to helping Belmont public school students realize their full potential. This program is a great opportunity for parents and children to acknowledge and thank the remarkable professionals who make a difference in their lives.

With a tax-deductible donation of $20 or more to the STAR program, the FBE will send a certificate to the teacher or staff member you wish to honor. The certificate includes your name and personalized message, without specifying the dollar amount of the gift.

Your STAR Award donation will help the FBE make a difference in the Belmont Public Schools by funding innovative curricula, enrichment, technology, professional development, and other initiatives. For more information about the STAR Award program or to order online, please visit Please order by December 12th to guarantee delivery before schools close for winter break.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Chris Kochem at or 617.484.7989.

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