“Connecting with Belmont” Thanks Merchants

We gratefully acknowledge the many area merchants who contributed so generously to “Connecting with Belmont”, the sixteenth annual high school community service afternoon held in late October.


In this event, groups of students performed nine different service activities at sites in the area, ranging from the Belmont Food Pantry and Habitat to the Library and the Middlesex Human Service Agency.


As one of the service options, students made almost 250 sandwiches for the shelters and soup kitchen run by the Middlesex Human Service Agency in Waltham. Whole Foods Market, Russo’s, Stop and Shop (Pleasant Street) Star Market, Costco, Stop & Shop (Watertown Street), Mark & Toni’s, and Ohlin’s Bakery graciously provided us with the bread and fillings. In addition, the volunteers created cards for our troops and Children’s Hospital patients with supplies donated by Hollingworth 5 & 10.


At the end of the afternoon, students returned to the high school, tired but fulfilled, for refreshments of ice cream and “fixin’s” from Rancatore Ice Cream, CVS (Trapelo Road), Hollingworth, and A Chocolate Dream.


Thank you all for your support and for the generous spirit with which you once again joined our school/community partnership.

Alice Melnikoff

BHS Community Service Coordinator


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