BHS AP U.S. History Documentaries, 6/17

Please join us at 6:30 PM in the Little Theater on Tuesday, June 17th to view some of the short documentaries produced by AP U.S. History students.  The films of the following students, as decided by their peers, will be shown:


David Babikian, Joseph Chen, Langston Chen, Rahul Ramakrishnan Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” video
Lena Jiang, Amanda Jung, Maggie Liu, Anya Zhang Billie Jean King and the “Battle of the Sexes”
Kyra Armstrong, Kierstin Gurwell, Helena Kim, Hannah Read The Unabomber
Hope Chang, Emma Lester, Chris Piccione, Sofia Stratford The “Central Park Jogger” case
Benjy Cunningham, Victor Dankens, Jack Merullo, Nic Neves NWA
Sophia Klimasmith, Michelle Kornberg, Sophia Lubarr, Hannah Messenger Vice President Dan Quayle vs. Murphy Brown
Trey Butler, Emma Giallongo, Julian Hansen, Kerri Lynch Baby Jessica



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