BHS PTO Fundraiser – Purchase a Bench!

Dear Belmont High School Families,

To help alleviate the overcrowding at Belmont High School and provide additional space for students to socialize and study, the PTO is looking to place benches in underutilized spaces throughout the high school.

The PTO raised enough funds this year (Thank you, again!) to buy two benches, fund Principal Richard’s plans to build two study rooms within the library, plus fund other wish list needs approved at last week’s PTO meeting. The PTO would like to provide the school with the additional 23 needed benches. The individual cost per bench $285.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to donate the cost for a whole bench, the PTO will issue a plaque of dedication of your choosing. Please contact: to arrange a plaque.

We hope to have these benches in time for the new school year. Let’s support the resourcefulness of Principal Richards and students wishing for more places to work by creating true study halls at BHS!

Donations can be conveniently made by Paypal at the BHS PTO website Click on “Paypal” button on lower right-hand side of page.

Thank you for donating to support our principal and the future graduates of BHS!


Questions &Answers About Benches

Q. Why is study space such an urgent issue at BHS?
A. Currently the school library is used to its capacity during the day when students need space for home work or group projects during frees. Oftentimes students have to sign up for studying in the library and wait for their turns. Or they sit on the floor in the hallways.

Some of the juniors recently took the initiative to conduct a library survey and shared the result with Principal Richards. Overwhelmingly, students asked for more space/seats/tables for study during frees. If you are interested in seeing the survey, please contact Principal Richards’ office.

Student population has been growing at BHS. Traditionally each class at BHS ranges from the mid to high two hundreds. After the class of 2015 graduates from BHS, every class will be over 300 students. In addition, each year BHS gets more transfer students because of its excellent reputation. This “bulge” is going to get bigger in the coming years, as indicated by the number of students at Chenery and the elementary schools.

Q. Is the library space fully utilized?
Not at this moment but it will be addressed by the library renovation in the summer. The plan is to convert the mezzanine into a computer room and an innovation/class room for group projects.

In addition, on the lower level, some of the empty bookshelves will be taken away and the space will be converted to two project/quiet study rooms (construction will be funded by PTO). These rooms will have glass walls, so that students there are under the supervision of the librarian.

Q. Are there empty classrooms during the day available for student use?
A. Classrooms are fully used during the day. In addition, adult supervision is needed for students to be in any room.

Q. How will benches in the hallway solve the space problem?
A. The library renovation will make full use of the currently underutilized spaces there, but it won’t solve the entire space problem for the school. Having benches in the hallway in many parts of the building will alleviate the problem in an immediate way – currently students are sitting on the floor in the hallways during frees and asked to relocate to either the cafeteria or the library, if it is open. On many occasions the library is at full capacity and off limits to any additional students who wish to access it.

We hope the new study rooms in the library along with the benches afford students the opportunity to collaborate in underutilized areas of the building. The current benches are fully utilized and students have requested additional seating.

Q. Will there be the need of adult supervision when students sit on the benches in the hallway?
There will be no need for additional supervision of the hallways if more benches are purchased. The campus monitors already supervise the identified areas.

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