Belmont’s Jeff Shea and Other Top Teachers Honored at State House

Teacher of the Year Dr. Jeffrey Shea spoke with Anne Marie Osheyack, outgoing Teacher of the Year, before the ceremony. Teacher of the Year Dr. Jeffrey Shea spoke with Anne Marie Osheyack, outgoing Teacher of the Year, before the ceremony.

Dr. Jeffrey Shea, the 2015 Massachusetts Teacher of the Year, and other outstanding educators were honored on June 12 at an event celebrating the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Excellence in Teaching awards.
“There’s a generation of students depending on us,” Shea told the crowd of fellow educators, state officials and others who attended the State House ceremony.
Shea has been a teacher of American studies and global leadership at Belmont High School since 2009, and he taught at Belmont’s Chenery Middle School from 2004 to 2009.
Belmont High School student Andrew Lilley introduced Shea by saying his teacher’s dedication set him apart.
Dr. Jeffrey Shea“Dr. Shea inspires his students to think about their place in the world,” he said. “His pursuit of a doctorate while teaching, coaching and raising a family serves as an inspiration to all students to value the education that they receive.”
Shea said that success in teaching “is tied to our willingness to take risks.”
“There has to be a culture in place that supports risk-taking,” he added. He urged his fellow teachers to network and reach out to nonprofits such as Partners in Health, as well as to educational ventures abroad, to offer real-world experiences for students.
“How else,” he asked, “are we going to inspire students to tackle the problems that our global community faces, if not together?”
Shea publicly thanked the teachers who meant the most to him and said the 21st-century skills he tries to instill in his students — research, communication and problem-solving, for example — reflect the goals held by all teachers.
As the Massachusetts Teacher of the Year, Shea is automatically the state’s candidate for the National Teacher of the Year award.
Kevin Delaney, a history teacher at Wayland High School, was named the 2014 Massachusetts History Teacher of the Year.
Delaney devised the Wayland High School History Project, which explores how national trends and developments played out in microcosm in the Wayland area during distinct 20th-century periods. He becomes the Massachusetts candidate for National History Teacher of the Year.
James Moonan, a sixth-grade math teacher at the Pierce Middle School in Milton, was honored as the recipient of the Milken Family Foundation’s 2013 National Educator Award. Moonan was described as a passionate educator who inspires students of all abilities, mentors new teachers, engages parents and takes on a leadership role at school.
Finalists for the 2015 Teacher of the Year award were also honored. They include Nancy C. Barile, an English teacher at Revere High School; Rebecca A. Duda, a social teacher at Lakeview Junior High School in Dracut; Adam M. Ingano, a history teacher at Clinton High School; and Daniel Boaz Lipton, a second-grade teacher at the Edward Devotion Elementary School in Brookline.
Finalists for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching were also celebrated. They included Susannah Cowden, a science teacher at Roxbury Preparatory Charter School in Boston; Suzanne Kubik, a math teacher at Middleborough High School; Benadette Manning, a math teacher at the Fenway High School in Boston; Paul McGuinness, a science teacher at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School; Aaron Osowiecki, a science teacher at Boston Latin School; and Maureen Parker, a science teacher at the Cyril Locke Middle School in Billerica.

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