2014 Senior Service Day

The Great Outdoors: 10th Annual Senior Service Day Brings Out A Strong Showing Regardless of Poor Weather


Michael El-Hayek, BHS Class of 2014

Although the weather was less than stellar, the 10th Annual Senior Service Day proved to be a great success. When senior students at Belmont High School, eager to help their community, met at the high school cafeteria bright and early in the morning, a tone of benevolence and respect filled the room.

The seniors were first treated to breakfast, thanks to the generous contributions of local merchants–Starbuck’s (Belmont Center), Ohlin’s Bakery, Bruegger’s, Russo’s Market, Star Market, Costco, Stop & Shop (Pleasant Street), Stop and Shop (Watertown Street), Wilson Farms, Linda’s Donuts, Iggy’s, and Quebrada Baking Company. Students each received a Senior Service Day t-shirt and were then deployed to various service sites they had selected. Sites included Community Farms, Bristol Lodge (soup kitchen/clothing bank), Habitat, Belmont Library, Belmont Food Pantry, the Town Clerk’s Office, and projects at each of the elementary schools, Chenery, and the high school. Another group visited the various sites to take photos and collect quotes for this article.

As students went to their assigned stations, the weather wasn’t about to hold them back. As class president Tyler Normile said at his site at Community Farms, “This experience is very humbling and it’s a lot fun to be out here; it might be a little wet, a little rainy, but we’re still getting a lot of work done”. Tyler was just one of many volunteers working at Community Farms and their advisor had nothing but absolute praise for their service. When asked why he chose Community Farms for his service site, senior Andrew Logan gave the very simple answer of “There’s a lot of green here, and green is my favorite color”.

One of the many other sites seniors volunteered at was Habitat. Despite the unexpected dreary weather, masses of seniors showed up to help mulch and “green up” the habitat. Fellow senior Sam Kerans saw Senior Service Day as “a way to give back to the community that has served [him] for 13 years” and thought working at Habitat was one way he could do just that. He continues on stating “I have received countless opportunities as a member of this great town and now it’s my turn to give back”. Raymond Rosenbloom, a self-proclaimed “outdoorshuman” also spoke wonders of the trail work at Habitat explaining that “trail work is what makes the world go round, so I feel obligated to help keep the world spinning”.

Nicole Merullo, who participated in the Habitiat camps as a child, praised Habitat as “another opportunity to give back to the community that has provided so much for not only [her] but for countless others in her society”. She further expressed her gratitude for Senior Service Day, explaining that “Senior Service Day is a final great way to get together with my classmates and spend one last day together working for those who have worked so hard for us”.

Service Day-1

Service Day-2

Service Day-3

Service Day-12Service Day-11Service Day-10


Service Day-9

Service Day-22Service Day-21Service Day-20Service Day-14Service Day-13 Service Day-12




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