Senior Exam Schedule

The last day of classes for seniors is Friday, May 16th.

Senior Final Exams will run as follows:

Monday, 5/19: F1, G1, H1 (PINK);  I1, J1, K1 (DARK BLUE)

Tuesday, 5/20: A2, B2, C2 (YELLOW); M2, N2, O2 (PURPLE)

Wed., 5/21: C3, D3, E3 (LIGHT BLUE)  ****even though this falls on a half day for students, the schedule that day will allow for a full length of the light blue triple, to enable senior exams to be given.

Thur., 5/22: F4, G4, H4 (GREEN); I4, J4, K4, L4 (ORANGE)


Seniors who meet the following requirements may be granted an exemption from their final exam.

  • Second semester average of 87% in the course.
  • No more than four excused absences from the class in the second semester.
  • No unexcused absences in the class.
  • No discipline referrals from the class in second semester.
  • No outstanding obligations

The ultimate decision regarding a student’s exemption from the exam rests with the teacher.

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