A Visit to Rosie’s Place

Rosie’s Place

By Giulianna Ruiz-Shah (BHS Class of 2016)

85. This was the number of women and children in need that Working to Help the Homeless Club (WWTH) was able to feed on Sunday, March 16th. Eighty-five women and children who are not able to provide for themselves. They come to Rosie’s Place, which is a wonderful organization that provides both homeless and low income women with lunch and dinner daily, and other services as well.

We spent the day mostly working in the kitchen to cook a chicken parmesan and brownie sundae meal for the women. There was a lot of preparing and organizing, too, before the women showed up. However, it was when the women showed up for appetizers that everything began to seem real. Before, we were just working, but when they showed up, it was as if there was more to this whole experience than just cooking. We were excited to be providing for these women. The cooking was completely different from any most of us had ever done because of the large quantity we were making. Making the salad was probably the most fun to do other because we got to toss this huge salad with our hands (with gloves, of course). We worked alongside regular volunteers and staff there, and it was neat because they taught us different things about Rosie’s and how to interact with the women.

But, it was when we began preparing the plates with food that we became more aware of how many women were actually there. As we passed the plates down the assembly line, there was this great feeling of doing something beneficial for others. And that’s what we were there for.

It was an even greater feeling when some women approached us to thank us or when they came to have conversations with us when we were cleaning up. At one point, we started talking about prom as we put up the chairs and took away the flowers from the tables. Then, as one guest came to thank us, she began to tell us about when she was in high school and how her brother had asked a girl to prom with a rose in his mouth. We all laughed and enjoying talking to her, but it was more than just a good conversation. It made us realize that these women really aren’t that different from us and that they once too had lives similar to ours. It made us question what had happened. It gave us a new perspective. Going to Rosie’s was definitely a life changing experience and we would all definitely go back.

Rosie 1Rosie 2Rosie 3Rosie 4Rosie 5Rosie 6Rosie 7

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