Coach Pritchard Thank You Letter



Last night we lost a tough game in our state tournament.  Post game, I walked in the locker room and watched player after player sitting in silence, most in tears, over come with sadness of a season ending.

Only those in that room can fully understand that experience.  As coach, I was filled with such overwhelming pride in our team.  This moment reminded me what a blessing it is be a part of a team and what true success really is.

Success is committing to things with all of your heart.  It is about giving of yourself so completely that you are willing to face the despair that comes when that thing is taken away. Wins and losses are fleeting, but the words that describe playing a simple game and being part of a team are forever.

These words are teammwork, discipline, unselfishness, effort, tenacity, fairness, honor, faith, enthusiasm, intelligence, determination, self belief, pride, sportsmanship, energy, sharing, caring, supporting, respecting, being humble, having courage, leading, listening, learning, creating, and ultimately BEING A GREAT TEAMMATE.

These are the words that determine what is successful and with them our players will be able to pursue a lifetime of achievement.  These are the words that create character.

Thank you players…I love this team and every moment I got to coach you this season…

Remember our words before each game:

“Let us be humble and close as we huddle together this night.  Let us feel the power that flows from faith and gives us courage and strength as we play.  When the game is played and we met the test…please let know we have done our best…”

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