Support Our BHS Students

Dear Parents, Guardians, Faculty and Staff-

As our entire community looks forward to spring, we want to take a few moments to remind everyone that many of our students are feeling stressed this time of year. There are the ongoing daily demands of school, exams, papers, and for some standardized testing (SAT’s), the college application/acceptance process, or an upcoming job search. Many students are also facing family stressors in the form of emotional, financial, or health concerns. While there are many who are thriving in spite of possible stressors, there are those students who are struggling. We appreciate that staff is aware of many of these students and working closely with them.

We would like to remind staff, parents, and caregivers that each and every student at Belmont High School is important to us. We ask that you keep your ears and eyes open—to listen to students with empathy and notice any changes in behaviors. We encourage everyone in the community to take students’ stressors seriously. If staff has concerns about a particular student, we encourage you to share those concerns with another staff member, with guidance, or with the school psychologists. Similarly, if a parent or caregiver has concerns we encourage you to contact the student’s guidance counselor, one of the school’s psychologists, your physician, or a mental health professional in the community. As we wait for spring, we would like to encourage everyone to continue to work together and support students as a community.


Belmont High School
Guidance Department
School Psychologist



7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


Presented by Jon Mattleman
Mental Health Counselor

This exciting program for parents actively focuses on what teens are really thinking, what they fear, why they do not share their fears, and how parents can more effectively support their teens. This presentation covers topics such as acting out behaviors, drug and alcohol use, depression, suicide, technology, and more. Parents will leave the workshop with strategies they can implement immediately including:
• New ways of understanding teens
• Specific language to better elicit productive conversations
• Innovative techniques for engaging teens
• Confidence, courage, and new perspectives

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