Embrace Failure.?

In my readings this past week, a quick article in the Harvard Graduate School of Education magazine called “Ed.”  caught my attention. Author Karen Brennan writes about the importance of taking risks in the field of education in order to promote creativity and innovation in the classroom. I hope you enjoy the article.

“Fail early, fail often” is a mantra of many software engineers. This phrase makes explicit the necessity of being iterative and incremental in design work. It is a view of creativity that acknowledges its messiness, complexity, and process-orientation. And although learning, like software design, is messy, complex, and process-oriented, most formal educational experiences do not encourage being iterative and incremental. Failure is often a dirty word in schools when it should be something we embrace, something we aspire to – an essential part of every learning experience. Let’s create a culture of learning in which we trust students to explore wildly ambitious ideas and activities, and support them to confront and analyze their failures when the need to refine and repeat does (and should) happen. As Samuel Beckett wrote, “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”



One thought on “Embrace Failure.?

  1. This is a perfect description how the First Robotics program works: explore, experiment, fail and try again. Learn from your mistakes and improve. That’s the whole idea of creative process.

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