FBE Innovative Teaching Initiative



The Foundation for Belmont Education, in partnership with the Belmont Public Schools, is excited to announce the launch of the Innovative Teaching Initiative. This initiative will enable Belmont’s educators to utilize new teaching techniques and leverage technology to engage, motivate, and inspire our students and better prepare them for higher education and the 21st century workplace.

The Innovative Teaching Initiative, a 4-year, $450,000 campaign, will enhance student learning in two important ways. 

  • The first is support for new teaching practices, whereby the Foundation for Belmont Education will provide funds for teachers to learn and hone these new skills. These funds will be available for all teachers k-12. 
  • The second is support for technology-based learning tools.  This part of the campaign will focus on rolling out iPad technology in those grades best suited for implementation (8th-12th grades).

The Innovative Teaching Initiative grew out of a successful pilot program at the high school that tested out dynamic models of teaching and integrated SMART Board technology with individual iPad usage.  The Innovative Teaching Initiative furthers our goal of providing teachers with the training and tools necessary to produce innovative classroom instruction. Deb McDevitt, Social Studies Curriculum Director for Belmont Public Schools and pilot co-creator explains, “Utilizing new methods of teaching and iPad technology has dramatically improved student engagement and helped develop skills such as creative problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, data gathering and analysis, oral and written communication and technological competency.”

The Innovative Teaching Initiative expands on the FBE’s successful Technology Tools for Teaching campaign (2008-2011), which was the first step in creating 21st century classrooms through SMART Board installations.  “We will now be able to provide teachers, at all grade levels, with leading-edge professional development to enhance instruction for all of our students,” remarked Janice Darias, Assistant Superintendent of Belmont Schools.

“We are thrilled to be a driver on innovation in the Belmont Public Schools and to support our teachers in their quest to bring the best to Belmont ’s students,” commented Jamie Shea, president of the Foundation for Belmont Education.

Additional program information can be found here.

Support the Innnovative Teaching Initiative


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