New 2013-2014 Mid-Year Exam Schedule

2013-2014 Mid-year Exam Schedule Change

 This year the Belmont High School mid-year exam schedule created unintended consequences of adding student stress and classroom assignment conflicts. Because classes and exams were scheduled at the same time, students were forced to prioritize between class assignments (quizzes, homework, assigned reading) and studying for their mid-year exams. Not all students were afforded the appropriate time to complete the necessary school work. Parents, students, teachers, and school administration expressed concerns and recommend a change in scheduling the 2013-2014 mid-year exams.

Over the past two (2) months, I have communicated with the following constituents to hear their concerns and recommendations on how to correct the mid-year exam conflicts.

–          Parents – phone conversations, e-mails, PTO meeting

–          Students – student groups representing all grades, class officers

–          Teachers – interviews, faculty meeting, Edline discussion board

–          Administrators – Directors meeting, assistant principal meetings, Edline discussion board

After speaking with all stakeholders and analyzing the Edline discussion board – the overwhelming majority support the new mid-year exam schedule proposed below. The new schedule will afford students the opportunity to study for their exams without any conflicts, scheduled classes, or class assignments thus, reducing student stress.

Thank you to all who contributed to this processes!

Dedicate two (2) days for mid-year exams only. No class assignments during these days.











MLK observed

No school



Exams only

(no scheduled classes)

Exams only

(no scheduled classes)

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