BHS New Breathalyzer Quick Facts

Belmont High School

Breathalyzer Policy and Procedure

Quick Facts

2012-2013 (Pilot Year)

  • The 2012-2013 school year is a pilot year. This is to help determine how the 2013-2014 policy and protocol should be crafted.
  • All testing is administered in private and by a school administrator.
  • School administrators will be trained on how to administer the test.
  • Breathalyzers would only be used at school events.
  • Breathalyzers would not be used during the school day.
  • Depending on the school event, students are either randomly or all selected.

                       – Random selection, i.e. every 5th student

  • If a student is exhibiting signs of intoxication according to the protocol check list, student would be tested.

                    Signs of intoxication:

                      – Slurred speech

                      – Unsteady gait

                     –  Impaired motor skills

                     – Glassy and/or bloodshot eyes

                     – Smell of intoxicating liquor on breath, clothing or person

                    – Vomiting

                    – Evidence of possession of alcohol

  • If a breathalyzer test is positive, the student has 2 more opportunities to take the test.
  • If an administrator determines that a student is intoxicated or has used alcohol based on one or more of the above indicators, parent/guardian is notified and requested to take the student home.
  • The current 2012-2013 BHS handbook applies to students found intoxicated. No changes in the BHS discipline policies and procedures.

Breathalyzer Surveys

1.      BHS Senior Survey (104 students)

  • Do you want to have dances? Yes-88%         No-12%
  • If there would be random breathalyzer testing, would you attend?  Yes-73%         No-27%
  • If everyone would be tested with a breathalyzer at the door, would you attend?  Yes-70%   No-30%
  • Would you attend the dance sober?   Yes-86%    No-14%

 2.      Massachusetts High School Breathalyzer Survey (74 high schools participated)

  • Do you use a breathalyzer at your high school?      Yes-95%      No-5%
  • If No, do you plan on or are you in the process of implementing a breathalyzer policy at your school?  Yes-40%    No-60%

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