This Week’s Principal’s Page, 1/2/2013

Welcome Back Folks,

I hope everyone had an enjoyable vacation and had time to spend with family, friends and catching up on some well deserved rest. This week is a short week but for some reason, it always feels like a full week by the end of the day Friday. Hope the next few days are good for everyone.

I want to share with you a post from David Truss. I follow David’s blog posts and have found them informative and to the point. He has a way of capturing the reader’s attention and making you look at your world a little differently. David’s post on True Leaders resonated with me back in December. I have read this post a couple of times to remind myself of what I look for in true leadership. I hope you enjoy.

True Leaders

December 2, 2012

By David Truss

This is a post, shared by Heidi Hass Gable, and re-shared here with her permission.

I gave a job reference a while ago for someone I admire greatly. As I’ve reflected on that conversation, I find that I keep coming back to one idea in particular.

The interviewer asked me, near the end, if there’s any one thing I’d like to highlight or to say (that I hadn’t said already)? Was there a final impression I wanted to leave with the hiring committee?

I was quiet for a moment. Was there? Had I said enough and covered all I wanted to say? I waited to see what would emerge.

And something did…

I said “This may sound trivial, but I really want to emphasize that he’s just a really decent, honest, caring person. Fundamentally, I believe he’s a good human being. And that’s what makes him so successful in any situation – because it’s not an act, he’s not trying to prove anything, and he knows what’s important to him and his community.”

It resonated (and still does) as something extremely important for a leader to be…

And as I’ve thought about those moments, my mind wanders through my memories of the truly powerful, life changing leaders (formal and informal) I’ve known. The true leaders that I admire most have all been these kinds of people!

·  Kind

·  Honest

·  Caring

·  Compassionate

·  Patient

·  Passion driven, clear on their priorities

·  Striving to live their beliefs every moment of every day

·  Forgiving (of themselves and of others)

·  Having immense faith in people

Basically, just honest to goodness, really decent human beings…

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