A message from a former student to all BPS teachers

Hi Mr, Kingston,

You don’t know me; my name is Hayley Denker (formerly Goff) and I am a Wellington/Chenery/BHS alum. After Friday’s horrible tragedy, I have been thinking about my own experience in school, and all of my teachers I have had throughout my childhood in Belmont. I know that without a doubt, every single one of them would have done what those other brave teachers did – protect their children no matter the cost.

The worst part of all of this is that it makes no sense – there is no understanding of why someone would do this. But the teachers actions – well, there is no surprise there. Some of us are lucky and knew while we were in school that we were being taught be some incredible people. It’s sad that through such a horrible tragedy that people see how truly heroic teachers are.

I’ve been on the Belmont public schools website all morning, scouring the pages to see if I could find an email address for any of my former teachers, especially from Wellington. Alas, I am too old for them to still be teaching, and all have since retired. But if I could I would tell Ms. Keopke, Mrs. Rosenburg, Mrs. Brady, Ms. Marston, Mr. Morrison, Mr. Samaria, Ms. Houke, and many others that I often foundly think of them, and especially in the wake of this horrible tragedy – that decades later, I still know how much they cared about me, the sacrifices they made, the genuine joy when we learned something new, and the work they put into their jobs each & every day. I am consciously grateful that I attended such wonderful schools, and had the most amazing teachers. They shaped who I am today, and I am proud to be from Belmont.

I will include you & your staff & faculty in my prayers, as I am sure that this is a difficult time for you all as well.


Hayley Denker

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