BHS’s First “Homework Free Holiday”

Below is a memo I sent to the Belmont High School faculty and staff about the first “Homework Free Holiday”.

Hi Folks,

I would first like to thank everyone for contributing their thoughts about establishing the first Belmont High School “Homework Free Holiday”.  We know you are busy and it is obvious everyone put a lot of thought into this. 

As most of us are aware, student, faculty, and staff concerns around stress has been a hot topic for years.   The “Homework Free Holiday” is a small gesture and acknowledgement of the stress placed on everyone. It certainly is not the cure, but merely a small attempt to reduce the stress at Belmont High School and a start to a greater conversation.

The first “Homework Free Holiday” starts on Friday afternoon 1/25/13 through Sunday night 1/27/13.  This means no homework, readings, or assignments over the weekend, along with no assigned tests or quizzes on Monday, 1/28/13.  The intent is to free the teachers, staff, and students for the weekend and give everyone a break.

Thank you to Jim Brown for facilitating the conversations and to everyone who participated.

6 thoughts on “BHS’s First “Homework Free Holiday”

  1. Excellent idea! It’s so important to let the kids “recharge their batteries” and feel more motivated to work after a much needed break. Thanks for developing and implementing this initiative.

  2. Many thanks to you and the faculty for the initiative. I like the idea of a homework-free weekend and wonder what the pros and cons would be for homework-free longer breaks such as Christmas, February and April.

  3. This is a terrific idea. A couple of thoughts for another year – make it over the MLK weekend so kids get three days or, better yet, make it over the Christmas break so kids get a more significant break from homework/stress.

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