Principal’s Page, 9/24

Each week the faculty and staff receives a weekly newsletter called The Principal’s Page. It consist of calendar events, resources, educational articles, celebrations, and a message from the principal. Below is this week’s message from the principal to the faculty and staff.

Good Morning All,

This week’s Principal’s Page focus is about attitude and perspective….and in particular, the attitude and perspective that we all bring to work every day, which greatly impacts the climate and culture of our school. In my opinion, attitude is everything. Perspective, or how we frame or re-frame our individual experiences, is something that we are all in control of, and something that (when put together as a collective whole) very much makes or breaks the ethos of our environment. The way we respond to any given situation, or any made decision is inevitably a choice that we all make, and that choice shapes not only who we are as people/educators, but who we are as a faculty. When thinking about attitude, I keep coming back to a great quote by Maya Angelou, which states, “if you don’t like something, change it…….if you can’t change it, change your attitude”.

I was reading a great article the other day by Sam Glennand and D. Kerr, who goes pretty deep into how profoundly important attitude is in/for our lives. I have to say that I share their view that attitude and perspective encompass all that we are as human beings…….. from the way we treat others, to the way in which we see the world, and to the way that other people perceive us as friends, colleagues, partners, and educators. Here’s a quick breakdown of how they see attitude impacting and affecting our lives………

  • Attitude is how we treat others
  • Attitude is the way we approach life
  • Attitude is contagious
  • Attitude is how we respond to challenges
  • Attitude affects our health
  • Attitude affects our relationships
  • Attitude is our personal trademark
  • Attitude determines if we fly or fall
  • Attitude creates experiences for you and others

List by Sam Glennand and D. Kerr

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