BHS Marauder of the Week


Junior Dylan McLaughlin is this week’s nominee for Marauder of the Week! His favorite subjects are chemistry and biology, and having just finished AP Biology, he is looking forward to taking AP Chemistry senior year. When asked about which of his teachers have been most influential for him over the course of his high school career, Dylan mentioned Ms. DeFarias and Ms. Bosch, both of whom he says “show care for you as a person, as well as an academic student”. Next year he will be a teaching assistant for Honors Biology classes, something that he hopes will help him figure out whether he likes chemistry or biology more, and which one he’d like to study in college. Outside of school, Dylan does ceramics and is on the set crew for the PAC. Someone who is proud of his academic achievements, his advice for incoming juniors is “you will be alright as long as you get it done and put in effort for it”, and he made a point of talking about also taking time to relax and enjoy being in high school. Congratulations on your nomination, Dylan!

  • Elisabeth Pitts, Class of 2020


Philip Scali:

This week’s nominee for Marauder of the Week is junior Philip Scali. A student with diverse interests and many talents, Philip is one of the captains of the varsity golf team, a sport he has played every year of his high school career. In addition to golfing, he also plays on the varsity lacrosse team and hopes to make it back onto varsity for the second time during his senior year. His favorite class is You and the Law, taught by Mr. Berkman. When asked to explain, he said, “I felt that it applied to my life and it taught me some good skills that I could use throughout the rest of my life”. One of his favorite teachers is Dr. Shea, who teaches Global Leadership. Philip describes him as “very engaging, extremely personable, and someone who makes the class fun while teaching relevant things about the world”. In Global Leadership, Philip was able to examine wide-reaching issues like water crises and education in the Middle East, topics that he found to be extremely interesting. When asked if he had any advice for incoming juniors, he simply said, “Work hard”, and it’s unsurprising, as Philip himself is an embodiment of that sentiment. Congratulations on being nominated!

  • Elisabeth Pitts, Class of 2020

MCAS Testing Schedule

Wednesday, May 23rd

MCAS – Math Session 1 (10th Grade)

Delayed Opening – 9th and 11th Grade

Senior Exam Green
A3/B3 (Yellow) 10:35 AM 10:50 AM
C3/D3/E3 (Lt. Blue) 10:53 AM 11:13 AM
F3/G3/H3 (Green – ELA/SS/Math) 11:16 AM 11:57 AM
F3/G3/H3 (Green – Sci/FL/PA/PE/LC) 12:00 PM 12:31 PM
I3/J3/K3 (Orange- ELA/SS/Math) 12:34 PM 12:50 PM
I3/J3/K3 (Orange- Sci/FL/PA/PE/LC) 12:53 PM 1:10 PM
L3/M3 (Dark Blue) 1:13 PM 1:25 PM


Thursday, May 24th

MCAS – Math Session 2 (10th Grade)

Delayed Opening – 9th, 11th Grade

Senior Exam Orange
A4/B4 (Yellow) 10:35 AM 10:55 AM
C4/D4/E4 (Pink) 10:58 AM 11:18 AM
F4/G4/H4 (Green – ELA/SS/Math) 11:21 AM 11:41 AM
F4/G4/H4 (Green – Sci/FL/PA/PE/LC) 11:44 AM 12:04 PM
I4/J4/K4/L4 (Orange-ELA/SS/Math) 12:07 PM 12:44 PM
I4/J4/K4/L4 (Orange-Sci/FL/PA/PE/LC) 12:47 PM 1:22 PM
M4/N4/O4 (Purple) 1:25 PM 2:25 PM


Blacker Awards Presented at BHS, May 16th, 2016



The Belmont High School English Department will present the annual Lillian F. Blacker Prizes for Excellence in Writing on Wednesday evening, May 16th, at 6:30 p.m. in the Peter Holland Library at Belmont High School.  This year, we will honor seniors James Kitch, Mirilla Zhu, and Nanako Tokuo for their outstanding writing.  Belmont residents are cordially invited to attend.

Family and friends established the Blacker Prizes over twenty years ago in memory of Lillian F. Blacker, a longtime Belmont resident who was very active in community affairs and was director of the Harvard Medical News Office.  She is remembered by the school and the community as a true lover of literature and language.

The Blacker Prizes are presented each year to three BHS seniors for outstanding writing ability on their senior theses.  Each senior reads, researches, and writes a lengthy thesis paper investigating a literary topic.  English faculty members determine the winners after an extensive reading process.

At the awards ceremony, the three Blacker Prize winners will read from their papers and discuss the evolution of their ideas.  A panel of seniors will discuss their topics and the senior thesis process.  Teachers, parents, administrators, and friends are invited.  Underclassmen are encouraged to attend the ceremony to learn more about the senior thesis process.  Refreshments will be served.



2018 BHS Promenade

The Belmont High School

Promenade Tradition

May 18th, 2018

The Belmont High School Classes of 2018 and 2019 would like to invite the entire Belmont community, including parents, students, and senior citizens, to join us at Belmont High School on Friday, May 18th at 4:45 PM for a spring tradition: “Promenade 2018.”  This pre-prom reception will begin in the BHS Auditorium where students attending the prom will be on stage to show off their tuxedoes and prom dresses.  Please join us for picture taking (be sure to bring your camera) and socializing with old and new friends.  The activities at BHS will conclude with a send-off for our students as they leave to attend the 2018 Junior-Senior Prom.  All are welcome!  We hope you can join us!

2018 BHS Graduation

Dear Belmont High School Community,

 I would like to take this time to invite you to participate in our graduation ceremony for the Class of 2018.  Graduation will take place on Sunday, June 3rd at 3:00PM in the field house.   Seniors are asked to arrive at 2:00PM and report to the upper gym.  Seating for families and guests will be available both on the court floor as well as in the bleachers. Tickets are not needed. Please keep in mind parking is limited and doors open one hour before graduation.

BHS Quarter 3 High & Honor Roll


Dylan Abate
 Sara Afsar
 Alexander Athanasiou
 Lars Bauerle
 Alexandre Benea
 Sibora Bollettino
 Thomas Boyle
 Igor Brandao
 Palila Bronson
 Katherine Buckett
 Neyla Cakmak
 Nicolas Cardenas
 Erika Carneiro
 Marina Cataldo
 Owen Chan
 Berj Chekijian
 Linnea Chen
 Alyssa Cheung
 Yoo Min Choi
 Caleb Christensen
 Kyra Christofori
 Michael Chumack
 Sophie Cormier
 Christina Cunningham
 David D’Agostino
 Sylvian Davidson
 Gabriella De La Roca
 Alexander Der-Kazaryan
 Alison Donahue
 Nolan Duffy
 Killian Dullaghan
 Linda Ellard
 Timothy Evdokimov
 Bennett Fici
 James Fitzpatrick
 Samantha Fogel
 Nicholas Freeman
 Adrian Gallagher
 Lori Ganjian
 Esper Garschina-Bobrow
 Leah Gaziano
 Zachary Gillette
 Mateo Gold
 Alicia Grassia
 Ashley Green
 Isaiah Gullage
 Daliah Gurin
 Cameron Gurwell
 Morgan Haight
 Matilda Hamer
 Wyatt Harris
 Jack Hayes
 Harrison Hees
 Oliver Hees
 Dylan Hirai
 Elisabeth Hoerle
 Ty Hoffmann
 Benjamin Hsu
 Tariqul Islam
 Prest Jackson-Stephens
 Sophia Kalavantis
 Theodore Kargere
 Edward Keefe
 Colin Kerns
 Benjamin Kim
 Elliott Kim
 Natalie Kim
 Alexandra Kolb
 Adam Kozelian
 Hyeri Kwon
 Hyunyoung Lee
 Elena Li
 Olivia Lichauco
 Abe Lipson
 Christopher Lynch
 William Mann
 Loick Marion
 Narek Maroyan
 Micaela Mazzoni
 Emma McDevitt
 Jordan Mei
 Paola Mejia Guzman
 Armand Meskin
 Elin Mica
 Elliot Miller
 Abigael Morin
 Allegra Mujica
 Ali Noorouzi
 Delaney O’Byrne
 Emma O’Donovan
 Angela O’Toole
 Jessica Peng
 Chloë Perez
 Anastasia Polina
 Benjamin Prenderville
 Kathryn Quinn
 Hanna Racz-Kozuma
 Olivia Reyes
 Samantha Rocci
 Gavin Rohrer
 Gwyneth Ruban
 Daniel Ruperez
 Arimenta Russ
 Kathryn Saar
 Camille Sandage
 Katelyn Sawyer
 Amara Schlaug
 Lavanya Senthil
 Melina Seraderian
 Thomas Skolnick
 Andrew Steinert
 Brett Stievater
 Alexander Stoyanov
 Ryan Tan
 Kenneth Teng
 Michael Travia
 Cooper Valentine
 Noah Vernick
 Adeline Wagner
 Brennen Westgate
 Margaret Whittemore
 Bianca Windemuth
 Ian Wright
 Adam Yang
 Henry Yang
 James Yao-Smith
 George Yi
 Clark Zhang



Mahmoud Abdel-salam
 Idris Abercrombie
 Rafael Alejandre
 Alyssa Allen
 Anita Allikmets
 Joseph Altomare
 Asanti Andrews
 Molly Annus
 Avery Arno
 Ilias Arredouani
 Daniel Artamonov
 Lakshay Balasubramani
 Arseniy Balkarov
 Pierre-Elie Balsan
 Daniel Barmakian
 Elijah Barnes
 Peter Battle
 Alexandre Benoit
 William Benson
 Kayla Berne
 Eesha Bhagwat
 Anna Biondo
 Charles Brodigan
 Leila Brooks
 Reilly Brown
 Maxwell Callanan
 Michael Cao
 Isaac Carey
 Stephen Carvalho
 Simona Casale
 Frank Castagno
 Jonathan Colt
 Tijana Cosic
 Matthew Crisafi
 Jenna Crowley
 Calvin Dahlberg
 Gabriel DiTommaso
 Ha Donatelle Szymanski
 Aidan Dowling
 Garrett Eagar
 Connor Estok
 Rebecca Evans
 Gabriella Federico
 Elise Ferreira
 Anne Fletcher
 Jared Frohne
 Jelena Garcevic
 Zachary Gibson
 Claire Gore
 Catherine Graves
 Oliver Green
 Katherine Guden
 Alice Guyumdzhyan
 Anthony Haddad
 Abigail Hafen
 Tyler Hafen
 Amir Hagani
 Sohail Hajri
 Mia Hallet
 William Hannah
 Armine Hicks
 William Hoerle
 Ryan Hoffman
 Zachary Hubbard
 Luke Jackson
 Samantha Jorgenson
 Jack Kane
 Georgia Kermond
 Aditi Khare
 Mary Kilcoyne
 Michael Kim
 Sangyun Kim
 Alex Kozelian
 Jack Larussa
 Hyunjun Lee
 Brianna Liu
 Hallie Liu
 Maya Logan
 Neal Lonergan
 Sarah Looney
 Rory Madden
 Sofia Magitteri
 Kathryn Magno
 Patel Mahserejian
 Daniel Manganelli
 Isabella Maserejian
 Isabel McAlindon
 Owen McCarthy
 Ariana Morgan
 Mitra Morgan
 Conneely Mullan
 Mira Musallam
 Nicolas Noack
 Margaret O’Connor
 Aleen Ostayan
 Ana Oteri
 Sean Palmer
 Ameera Parham
 Grace Patrone
 Kripa Paudel
 Sara Pereda
 Elisabeth Pitts
 Jagger Polvino
 Spencer Price
 Audrey Propp
 Katherine Reynolds
 Joanna Romneos
 Christian Rudder
 Emily Sabia
 Kiara Santos
 Elizabeth Sattler
 Migena Satyal
 Tyler Shapazian
 Zabelle Simmons
 Rebecca Sokol
 Heather Sorenson
 Andrew Steisel
 Chloe Sturgeon
 Camille Sundahl
 Benicio Taggart
 Prakriti Tamang
 Lauren Tannyhill
 Mengqi Tao
 Cleo Theodoropulos
 Sophia Thompson
 Hampton Trout
 Victor Turkowski
 Alice Turner
 Annette Tzouvelis
 Maxence Vigneras
 Sizhe Wang
 Calista Weissman
 Hans Wendland
 Jane Wenzel
 Brett Westgate
 Lydia Yoon
 Olivia Zarzycki
 Hongyi Zhang



Hadi Abdelghany
 Jason Ackerson
 Alexander Airapetian
 Mari Alvarez-Fernandez
 Nabil Amira
 Alec Amirkhani
 Cameron Anderson
 Katerina Angjeli
 Zoe Armstrong
 Jessica Auerbach
 Damien Autissier
 Moushe Babroudi
 Merrill Barnes
 Maxwell Baskerville
 Anna Bauerle
 Larissa Biette
 Elizabeth Biondo
 Arek Boynerian
 Mackenzie Brown
 Emily Buckley
 Patrick Burns
 Brian Buys
 Jackson Carter
 Julia Casey
 Marissa Cecca
 Morgan Chase
 Yo-Lei Chen
 Zhengrong Chen
 Preston Cheung
 Andrew Choy
 Grace Christensen
 Audrey Christo
 Elisey Chuprakov
 Max Copes Finke
 Janae Creech Moise
 Lauren Curtis
 Carolyn D’Angelo
 Justin Darling
 Phoebe Derba
 Dorothy Dignan
 Samantha Dignan
 Seamus Dullaghan
 Kseniya Dzhala
 Katelyn Evans
 Gabriel Fernandez
 Nicholas Fiacco
 Andrew Finn
 Elizabeth Galli
 Andi Garner
 Avery Gartland
 Lindsay Gaziano
 Melaina Gilbert
 Chloe Gilligan
 Arlo Gow
 Alexis Green
 Tomas Griffin
 Natalia Guerra
 Molly Hamilton
 Gabrielle Hanley
 Kelsey Hanley
 Breah Healey
 John Herlihy
 Brendan Hill
 Lily Hoffman Strickler
 Ruiqi Huang
 Stefan Iglesias
 Autumn Jetson
 Jackie Jiang
 Nicoletta Kalavantis
 Chenda Kaplan
 Neiki Kardar
 Alexandra Keefe
 Rosie Kirakosyan
 Morgan Krauss
 Jessica La Roche
 Joseph LaFauci
 Maura Laffey
 Ciara Lally
 Anderson Lawrence
 Flynn Leeb
 Angela Li
 Fengkai Lin
 Bryson Lipson
 Philip Lynch
 Quinn Manion
 Dinara Mardanova
 Martin Marintchev
 Evelyn Martin
 Elizabeth Mason
 Lefaith Massaquoi
 Aiyanna Mcghee
 Caroline McLaughlin
 Aryan Mehrotra
 Jorge Mejia Guzman
 Nathan Miller
 Steven Miller
 Calvin Mitchell
 Luke Moore-Frederick
 Callie Morris
 Camden Murphy
 Cryst Nayiga Magandazi
 Antonio Netto
 Justin O’Connell
 Kilian O’Connell
 Eamon O’Connor
 Peter O’Connor
 Daniel Orem
 Mitchell Pereira
 David Pergamo
 Nicholas Picardi
 Adam Pitner
 Hana Power
 Anjali Ramakrishnan
 James Rhinelander
 Maximus Rittersdorf
 Madelynn Rodriguez
 Alexander Rokosz
 Nathan Rose
 Andrea Russi
 Samuel Sagherian
 Philip Scali
 Cody Scarfo
 Sabhyata Sedhain
 Daniel Seraderian
 Nitya Sharma
 Eric Shen
 Bradley Skolnick
 Fran Soljacic
 Benjamin Sseruwagi
 Nareg Stepanian
 Zachary Susskind
 Kai Takayama
 Megan Tan
 Jenna Valerius
 Annie Veo
 Gabriella Viale
 Lindsay Vuong
 Maidelis Weber
 Kai Yao
 Kevin Zheng
 Tiancheng Zheng



Tamara Allakhverdova
 Carey Allard
 Anelise Allen
 Brian Alper
 Alexia Assimakopoulos
 Olivia Bible
 Kiera Booth
 James Boyle
 Laurent Brabo
 Emma Brodigan
 Lilikoi Bronson
 Haley Brown
 Henry Brown
 Aidan Cadogan
 Margaret Cameron
 Camilla Carere
 Brandon Chicz
 Taras Chicz
 Abu Chowdhury
 Trevor Collins
 Jaelyn Creech Moise
 Benjamin Crocker
 Dakarai Crowder
 Jake Cunningham
 Jami Cunningham
 Micaela Curtin
 Grace Curtis
 Katrena Daldalian
 Eleanor Dash
 Caroline Daskalakis
 Austin Deng
 Lillian Devitt
 Jack Doherty
 Meredith Eagar
 Will Ellet
 Sophia Epstein
 Nathaniel Espelin
 Lydia Fick
 Monique Filomeno
 William Findlay
 George Fitzgerald
 Caitlin Fowler
 Sebastian Freeze
 Teresa Frick
 Autumn Galindo
 Sofija Garcevic
 Anasia Goodwyn-Cora
 Nathaniel Green
 Tobias Green
 Olivia Hardy
 Seneca Hart
 Bradley Harvey
 Erin Haverty
 Margaret Higgins
 Eva Hill
 Luke Hopkins
 Liza Hote
 Bryan Huang
 Allison Hughes
 Jeremy Jackson
 Won Young Jang
 William Joaquin
 Barbara Joseph
 Hannah Joseph
 Gayane Kaligian
 Andrew Karalis
 Julia Kermond
 Brendan Kiely
 Brian Kleckner
 Mizuki Kobayashi
 Olive Kozelian
 Nicolai Kruglov
 Allegra Lazzarotto
 Jacob Lenef
 John Lonergan
 Christine MacLeod
 Caroline Madden
 Raffi Manjikian
 Kamila Mardanova
 Julia Martin
 Madeline Meskin
 Matthew Messer
 Neil Mhatre
 Alec Morin
 Brittany Muller
 Max Murphy
 Mel Nagashima
 Liana Nalbandian
 Massiel Nazario Montes
 Sebastian Newell
 Francisco Noack
 Christina Noonan
 Ryan Noone
 Sofia Noorouzi
 Kamyar Nouri
 Elliot O’Malley
 Nairi Ostayan
 Jun Hyeok Park
 Elena Parsons
 Kailee Pellicane
 Calvin Perkins
 Thomas Phillips
 Olivia Pierce
 James Pollock
 Michael Pomer
 Max Pounanov
 Meron Power
 Greta Propp
 Connor Quinn
 Grace Ramey
 Veronica Reyes
 Kylie Rhone
 Mikayla Riselli
 Steven Rizzuto
 Jeffrey Robichaux
 Samuel Rogers
 Jessica Rosenstein
 Joshua Ryan
 Eric Saidnawey
 Rebecca Salame
 Emma Sass
 Mohammad Sayeed
 Rebecca Schwartz
 Max Serrano-Wu
 Alexandra Shapazian
 Jacob Shapiro
 Michael Shea
 Henry Sheehan
 Isha Singh
 Luca Sivers
 Ajaria Smith
 Norman Staub
 Sarah Street
 Tess Stromberg
 Mary Tolan
 John Travia
 Joseph Viale
 Shira Vilvovsky
 Zeyu Wang
 Bruce Westgate
 Erin Wholey
 Calvin Yang
 Joseph Yoon
 Yongzhe Yu
 Mateus Zarzycki
 Jiajia Zhang



Selin Akay
 Louise Amer
 Rebecca Anderson
 Antranig Atinizian
 Pierre Ayer
 Maulik Bairathi
 Evan Bak
 Anna Bastille
 Del Bonnin
 Mary-Clare Booth
 Shealagh Brams
 Laurel Brown
 Samantha Burge
 Isabel Burger
 Victoria Chamberlain
 Maya Chandrakasan
 Alyssa Chen
 Jason Chen
 Katarina Chen
 Kevin Chen
 Maya Chen-Jones
 Liam Cmok Kehoe
 Rebecca Combs
 Ainsley Conroy
 Charlotte Conroy
 Katarina Cosic
 Max Costa
 Julienne Crocker
 David Cui
 Margo Danahy
 Roselyn Diaz
 Esme Dodge
 Chantal Dunn
 John Edwards
 Kathleen Fahey
 Alexander Fick
 Sarah Firth
 Norman Fu
 Jonathan Gao
 Jacob Geiger
 Phoebe Gray
 Gentry Green
 Paloma Hanify
 Brigid Hannibal
 Isabel Hettenbach
 Natalie Hill
 Kai-Shin Hsu
 Jason Iler-keniston
 Lilah Isenberg
 Samiyanur Islam
 Sei Young Jang
 Laura Jansen
 David Jen
 Camden Johnson
 Sadie Kabrhel
 Katherine Kaiser
 Olympia Kalavantis
 Grace Kane
 Daniel Kang
 Awais Khan
 Najla Khan
 Tamheeda Khan
 Christian Kokoros
 Knar Krafian
 Edward Lee
 Miro Leeb
 Mattea Legere
 Jona Lehmann
 Samantha Lim
 Grace Liu
 Alexandra Lloyd
 Alicia Lugovskoy
 Chelsea Mabbott
 Isabella Maldarelli
 Miles Mamigonian
 Colin Martin
 Emily McCarthy
 Patrick McLaughlin
 Brigham McMullin
 Archit Mehrotra
 Feronia Mei
 William Melanson
 Victoria Meringer
 Noah Meyer-Herron
 Lilit Michaelian
 Timothy Minicozzi
 Bennett Mohr
 Divya Natarajan
 Rachel November
 Ani Ourfalian
 Nare Parseghian
 Haixiang Peng
 Yakov Perlov
 Barrett Pettine
 Katherine Piccin
 Hannah Podol
 Mateo Quka
 Claire Rainey
 Natalie Roberts
 Anton Seleznev
 Reese Shapazian
 Omar Sharief
 Nathan Sheffield
 Robert Sheng
 Kiwa Shinoda
 Noah Shutts-Cartwright
 Erin Sullivan
 Marcel Szegedi
 Jason Tang
 Joseph Thesmar
 Raphael Thesmar
 Jenna Thomas
 Nina Todreas
 Jessica Wan
 Katarina Westermark
 Kendall Whalen
 Colby Woo
 Howell Xia
 Felix Xu
 Alexander Yang
 Jason Yang
 Songrui You
 Jennifer Yu
 Karen Zhang
 Angie Zhao
 Fu Zhao
 Henry Zuccarello


Robert Annus
 Julie Baghdady
 Nadia Baghdady
 Hama Bagherianlemraski
 Emanne Balaghi
 Renuka Balakrishnan
 George Bikhazi
 Matthew Brody
 Elisabeth Cahoon
 Molly Calkins
 Harlan Carere
 Elizabeth Carey
 Ethan Carey
 Joseph Carey
 Aristoteli Chaniotakis
 Meredith Chasse
 Melina Chen
 Kaelyn Clement
 Ziyong Cui
 Catherine Cunningham
 Anthony DeMarco
 Katherine Devitt
 Nuritza Diarbakerly
 Maximillian Dionne
 Anna Doherty
 Robert Dolan
 Justin Dong
 Sophia Estok
 Sophia Falcone
 Leon Fan
 Mariko Findell
 Caroline Findlay
 Matthew Fiore
 Kyle Fowler
 Ani Ganjian
 Michael Giangregorio
 Isabella Golden
 Ilana Gut
 Joy He
 Honor Hickman
 Jacob Hovsepian
 Kevin Hsu
 Joseph Hurley
 Gilchrist Imboywa
 Allen Jang
 Ethan Jin
 Robert Jones
 Edouardson Joseph
 Adrine Kaligian
 Marina Karalis
 Julia Kelso
 Emily Kim
 Madeline Kitch
 Daniel Klingbeil
 Noam Kozlov
 Mindee Lai
 Isabelle Lefebvre
 David Leigh
 Emily Lerch
 Victoria Lesser
 Cynthia Lu
 Sanya Malhotra
 Maya Manela
 Romi Manela
 Sara Manganelli
 Aidan Matrician
 Ida Mihok
 Ella Miller
 Rachel Miller
 Paul Muser
 Lila Newberry
 Maiah Newell
 Nikolas Nielsen
 Charlotte Nilsen
 Meaghan Noone
 Matt O’Connell-Vale
 Chloe Park
 Yujin Park
 Hannah Pierce
 Michael Pizzuto
 Hanna Polyak
 Valentine Reynolds
 Finbar Rhodes
 Shira Roberts
 Kara Rowan
 Juliette Saint-Ourens
 Lily Sama
 Ryan Santoro
 Johannes Schnauber
 Ella Serrano-Wu
 Victoria Shaw
 Walter Shen
 Emmett Smith
 Molly Smith
 Cheyenne Stringfellow
 Emma Sutherland
 Ian Svetkey
 Ellie Tang
 Manisha Tirunagaru
 Natalie Tolls
 Nena Trifunovic
 Soleil Tseng
 Anvitha Veeragandham
 Shankar Veludandi
 Jennifer Vetrano
 Allan Wang
 Alek Westover
 Nina White
 Paige Whouley
 Samantha Widdison
 Aidan Wills
 Dylan Workman
 John Wright
 Andrew Xu
 Abigail Yu
 Vanessa Yuzlek
 Olivia Zarkadas



Mohamed Almusalamy
 Eleanor Amer
 Yasmine Aoua
 Gyeong Hoon Baeg
 Drew Bates
 Alyssa Bodmer
 Rafael Burger
 Sophie Butte
 Eamon Caffrey
 Julia Cantor
 Laurel Carpenter
 Olivia Cella
 Olivia Colman
 Caroline Cooper
 Baris Delibasi
 Emily Dexter
 Deniz Dutton
 Zoe Elizee
 Brit Ellis
 Paul Emello
 Ella Gagnon
 Jessica Giorgio
 Christopher Giron
 Joshua Grassia
 Anna Guo
 Amanda Hanley
 Nathalie Hansen
 Jin Young Hwang
 Tae Min Jang
 Kevin Jen
 Tess Jenkins
 Mia Kaldenbaugh
 Benjamin Kargere
 Virginie Kargere
 Srinidhi Kaushik
 Vassilios Kaxiras
 Brandon Kim
 Isabelle Kim
 Hayley Koenigsberg
 Demitri Kokoros
 Victor Kruglov
 Marko Ladan
 Gabriella Landaeta
 Vivian Li
 Sofia Litchev
 Jane Mahon
 Carla Maier
 Jacob Makar-Limanov
 Bella Martin
 Clare Martin
 Grace Matheson
 Johanna Matulonis
 Dylan McLaughlin
 Matthew Miller
 Abigail Mohr
 Viola Monovich
 Brittany Moran
 Madeline Mulkern
 Jennifer Muson
 Lucky Namugenyi
 Francis Pacini
 Alexander Park
 Alyssa Poulsen
 Audrey Quinn
 Eliana Roberts
 Nora Rushe
 Kate Sandage
 Lila Searls
 Rida Sharief
 Sophia Shen
 Timothy Starr
 Amanda Su
 Sambridhi Subedi
 Ava Sullivan
 Perry Sullivan
 Michelle Sung
 Darian Tavana
 Harold Thidemann
 Mayura Thomas
 Chloe Tingos
 Simon Todreas
 Maya Vernick
 Joshua Wan
 Cassandra Wang
 Kejia Wang
 Alexander Wilk
 Madelyn Wills
 Naina Woker
 Amy Wu
 Matthew Wu
 David Yan
 Daniel Yardemian
 Sai Yeon Yoon
 Christian Yu Cheung
 Lara Zeng
 Emily Zhang
 Haoran Zhang
 Isabelle Zheng



Leena Abdelghany
 Joshua Alasso
 Naomi Arsenault
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