The Snowflake Tradition at Belmont High School

Community Servings (CS) is a non-profit organization, located in Jamaica Plain, which delivers approximately delivers  675,000 meals to 2,000 critically ill individuals and their families in Eastern Massachusetts (as far away as Worcester and Lawrence).   Founded over 25 years ago, CS originally targeted those with AIDS/HIV, but over the past few years, it has expanded to other diagnoses. (The CS website is .)  Prior to the holidays, CS solicits, from its clients, family holiday wish lists which are filled by individuals, schools, organizations, and businesses.

For over fifteen years, the BHS Belmontian Club has “adopted” CS families for the holidays.  At the beginning, it was possible to hold frequent bake sales to fund the project.  As bake sales became more popular and more clubs wanted to hold them, every club was limited to one bake sale per month, not enough to provide the revenue needed for the project.  That year, the Club gathered together in the fall and brainstormed, and from a member of the class of 2003 came the idea of selling glittery plastic snowflake ornaments to students and staff to be delivered to their friends and colleagues.  From humble beginnings (selling a couple hundred is my recollection), the club now regularly sells well over 1,000 snowflakes! Several years ago, the project was even on Fox News.

In November every year, the Club “adopts” nine people, this year in three families,.  One family consists of two children (ages 1 and 3years old) with two adults, another has three people, one 13 year-old girl, and two adults, and the last one is comprised of two adults. The club learns nothing about them other than age, gender, and wishes, which are often very basic.  Every family this year asked for winter coats and boots and hats, scarves, and/or gloves.  The members decide which students will shop for which person, and with faith that snowflakes will generate enough money, they actually go out over Thanksgiving weekend and shop (most decidedly not at the high-end stores; they become wise consumers in this project), and gather to arrange the gifts in large, reusable plastic bins, which they then decorate.

Belmontians then do publicity and sell the snowflakes for two weeks after Thanksgiving ($1 each, $1.50 with a candy cane), assemble them (working on delivery schedules of hundreds of students, tying cards to snowflakes with ribbon, then sorting by delivery times), and deliver them the week before winter break.

This is the most labor-intensive project undertaken by the Club, taking many after-school man/woman hours, but it is also probably the one that contributes the most to community-building and is simply the most fun, with its serious underpinnings not ignored.  Sophia Schlozman, Co-President of the Belmontian Club, explains

“Snowflakes is the event that, to me, contributes most to other people directly.  We get to see the whole process from planning and shopping to fundraising, and understand how much they deserve what we are doing.”


BHS & Chenery Sports Schedule (11/27-12/2)

Monday, November 27

No Scheduled games


Tuesday, November 28

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Wednesday, November 29

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Thursday, November 30

5:00 PM Boys Varsity Ice Hockey Needham High School Home (Scrimmage)


Friday, December 01

5:45 PM Boys Junior Varsity Basketball Bedford High School Home (Scrimmage)

5:45 PM Boys Varsity Basketball Bedford High School Home (Scrimmage)


Saturday, December 02

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Marion Lazan Speaks to Students, Faculty and Staff at BHS

Holocaust speaker, Marion Blumenthal Lazan’s unforgettable memoir recalls the devastating years that shaped her childhood.

Following Hitler’s rise to power, the Blumenthal family — father, mother, Marion, and her brother, Albert — were trapped in Nazi Germany. They managed eventually to get to Holland, but soon thereafter it was occupied by the Nazis. For the next six and a half years the Blumenthals were forced to live in refugee, transit, and prison camps that included Westerbork in Holland and the notorious Bergen-Belsen in Germany. Though they all survived the camps, Walter Blumenthal, Marion’s father, succumbed to typhus just after liberation.

It took three more years of struggle and waiting before Marion, Albert, and their mother at last obtained the necessary papers and boarded a ship for the United States. Their story is one of horror and hardship, but it is also a story of courage, hope, and the will to survive.

BHS Snowflakes

ORDER SNOWFLAKES for your BHS Students, their friends, and teachers

 We’ll deliver them before vacation!

Help the Belmontian Club buy presents for a 3 families (9 people total)dealing with life-threatening illness.

Snowflakes (alone):  $1

Snowflake with a candy cane:  $1.50


How to order:

Fill out the form below and enclose it, with the correct amount (cash or check payable to the Belmontian  Club).  Either drop off in the main office (box will be on the counter) or mail to:  Alice Melnikoff, Belmont High School, 221 Concord Avenue, Belmont, MA  02478.  Feel free to add more names, etc. to the list!







Full name           Snowflake      Snowflake &                                                              Amount

of Student             Alone  $1      Candy cane  $1.50_______BRIEF Message_________________Due__












                                                                                                              TOTAL DUE:__________



The Snowflake Tradition at BHS

For over 15 years, we have been “adopting” families for the holidays through Community Servings.  This non-profit organization, located in Jamaica Plain, delivers  675,000 meals to 2,000 critically ill individuals and their families in Eastern Massachusetts struggling with life-threatening illnesses.  Community Servings ( solicits, from its clients, family holiday wish lists which are filled by individuals, schools, organizations, and businesses.  At BHS, our students do the planning and the very wise shopping, and we sell snowflakes so that we can make our families’ holiday wishes (some are very basic) come true.

Thank you for helping again this year!

Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust Story with Marion Lazan

Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust Story with Marion Lazan

Monday, 11/27- 9AM- 10:15AM presentation for ALL students and staff in the Field House.

We have read about history in our textbooks. We have googled topics on the internet. We have even watched documentaries on the History channel.   But there are very few opportunities in our lives to actually sit in the same room as someone who has survived and truly lived moments of history. This presentation offers the unique experience and privilege of hearing firsthand from a woman who is both a witness to, and as a Holocaust survivor, a victim of history. Students and staff will have the opportunity to meet Mrs. Lazan and to hear firsthand about her experiences as a nine-year old child interned with her family in the German concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen, the same camp in which Anne Frank died.

While Anne Frank left us no writings following her family’s arrest in Holland, Marion Blumenthal Lazan takes us behind the barbed wire to describe in detail what life was like during those harrowing years. She also explains the events leading up to her family’s incarceration in Bergen-Belsen and its life-challenging aftermath.

Yet Marion Blumenthal Lazan’s message is not one of despair. It dwells on the values of determination, perseverance, faith, and hope. The messages are of tolerance and understanding in a still-troubled world.

We will be offering a limited number of copies of Marion Blumenthal Lazan’s memoir, Four Perfect Pebbles in paperback to be signed by the author.


Annual Belmont / Watertown Thanksgiving Day Football Game

Thursday Nov. 23,2017 @10:15AM

Watertown’s Victory Field

Tickets go on sale at the Belmont H.S. School Store beginning

Monday November 20, 2017

The School Store is located in the BHS Café.

Store Hours: Mon & Tue. 11am-1:15pm


No tickets will be sold on Wednesday Nov. 22nd

Pre Sale Ticket prices are as follows:

Student $5.00   Adults $7.00

Day of the Game All Tickets $10.00