Belmont High School New Student Orientation

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Belmont High School

 New Student Orientations



Thursday, September 1, 2016

5 pm to 7:45 pm

Belmont High School, 221 Concord Avenue, Auditorium


5-5:30 pm  Presentation for Students and Parents and Guardians in the Auditorium


5:30 pm  Parents and Guardians Depart


5:30-7:45 pm  For Students: Tours, iPad distribution, Connect with Guidance Counselors and with upper class students over pizza


7:45 pm  Parents and Guardians pick up students



(Sophs, jrs, & srs)

Friday, September 2, 2016

10am to 12:30pm

Belmont High School, 221 Concord Avenue, Library


Tours and pizza for new students in Grades 10-12 and their parents and guardians in the library


Both sponsored by Belmont High School Connectors Program, Staff & PTO.              Questions:

2016-2017 BHS Quick Reference Guide

Important Dates to Remember


Thursday, September 1

Orientation for Incoming Freshmen and Parents/Guardians: Orientation for parents and students will begin at 5:00 pm in the Auditorium. Administration will speak to all in attendance about student life and how to be successful at BHS. Parents are excused at 5:30 pm. A tour of the building will be offered to students. Following the tour, students will pick up their iPads and then meet the Guidance Counselors and the Class Connectors. A pizza supper will be provided for Freshman students and Class Connectors. Parents need to pick up their students at 7:45 pm.

Friday, September 2

Tours for all new students in Grades 10–12 and parents/guardians:  Any new student and parents/guardians are welcome to come to a tour of the building from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm. Pizza will be provided.

Tuesday, September 6 – Opening Day Faculty and Staff

Wednesday, September 7 – Opening Day Students:  All grades will report to school at 7:35 am for homeroom.  Freshmen will report to the Auditorium for a brief assembly at 9:55 am. A Quick Reference Guide, including a list of items for Opening Day and the first week of school, has been uploaded to your ParentPlus and StudentPlus accounts. The first day of school will be a FULL-DAY of classes.

Homeroom assignments for all students will be posted to your StudentPlus account. Students should report to homeroom at 7:35 am where they will receive locker information.  Homeroom teachers will explain the schedule and answer any other questions. After homeroom, students will attend each class on their Wednesday schedule and meet with teachers.

Information regarding the purchase of a yearbook through the Jostens Company will be available on the school website under students/yearbooks.

Important information for Grade 12: Senior students should bring a check for $50.00 made payable to “BHS Class of 2017” to pay for their class dues. Class dues are used to pay for graduation cap and gown and senior activities. Checks will be collected by the homeroom teachers.  Please make sure your student’s name is on the check.

Cap and Gown information will be shared with you via your Naviance account.

Yankee Candle will deliver information on an individual fundraising opportunity that may cover all or part of a student’s class dues, yearbook, or prom ticket. Any student who needs financial assistance with class dues, yearbook, or prom ticket must participate in this fundraiser.

Thursday, September 8

Seniors will report to the Auditorium for a brief assembly at 9:52 am. Juniors will report to the Auditorium for a brief assembly at 8:30 am and Sophomores will report to the Auditorium for a brief assembly at 1:10 pm.

Week of September 12

School Pictures: Pictures for your student(s) will take place on the following days – Sophomores on September 12; Freshmen on September 13; Juniors on September 14; Seniors (IDs only) on September 15.

Wednesday, September 14

Back to School Night:  Beginning at 6:30 pm, parents/guardians will follow an abbreviated version of their student’s daily schedule.  Teachers will present parents/guardians with an overview of their courses. Please arrive early – parking is limited.

Thursday, September 29 (1:30 pm-2:30 pm)

Student Activities Fair: The Student Activities Fair is a great opportunity for students to explore the clubs and other extracurricular activities that BHS has to offer.  Representatives from the extracurricular organizations at BHS will be available to distribute information, answer questions and sign-up new members.

Quick Reference Guide

Belmont High School

School Year 2016-2017

This is a quick reference guide for parents/guardians and students using the best and most current information. Consult the Student/Parent Handbook at: or on your StudentPlus account as the ultimate authority on matters of policy and regulations. Visit the Belmont High School (BHS) website for general information and links to school resources at

Absence/Tardy Arrival/Dismissal

Ms. Joan Paras, Attendance Secretary (617) 993-5999

Parents/Guardians must call the automated attendance line ((617) 993-5999) to notify the school when their student will be absent, will arrive to school tardy, or will be dismissed early. To excuse an absence or a tardy, the call must be received as early as possible but no later than 2:00 pm on the day of the absence/tardy. To dismiss a student from school early, the call must be received prior to the dismissal time. Since parents/guardians do not need to come into the building to “sign out” their students, the students can be picked up outside the front of the building.

Attendances affect a student’s grade. Excessive unexcused tardies and all unexcused absences may result in grade penalties. Consult the attached Attendance Policy or the Student Handbook for details.


BHS Administration

You may contact administrators by phone or e-mail.

* Principal: Mr. Daniel Richards (617) 993-5901

*Asst. Principal (Grades 9 A-F & 11): Ms. Sherri Turner (617) 993-5901

*Asst. Principal (Grades 9 G-N & 12): Mr. John Muldoon (617) 993-5901

*Asst. Principal (Grades 9 O-Z & 10): Ms. Lisa Hurtubise (617) 993-5901

*Athletics Office: Mr. Jim Davis, Director (617) 993-5930

Department Website:

*English Office: Ms. Lindsey Rinder, Director (617) 993-5940

*Fine and Performing Arts Office: Mr. Arto Asadoorian, Director (617) 993-5960

*Foreign Language Office: Ms. Colleen Foley, Director (617) 993-5950

*Guidance Office: Ms. Vanessa French, Guidance Dept. Secretary (617) 993-5910

*Math Office: Ms. Patty Soliozy, Director (617) 993-5960

*METCO Office: Ms. Diane Wiltshire, Director (617) 993-5850

*Nurse’s Office: Ms. Patsy MacKinnon, School Nurse (617) 993-5929

*Science Office: Ms. Elizabeth Baker, Director (617) 993-5970

*Social Studies Office: Ms. Deborah McDevitt, Director (617) 993-5980

*Special Education Office: Mr. Ken Kramer, Director (617) 993-5440



The main forms of communication from the principal and the “happenings” at Belmont High School are through the principal’s blog. You may sign up for automated announcements by visiting on the Belmont High School’s web site.

Class Connectors

Class Connectors is a program that links up junior and senior students with incoming freshmen to help smooth the transition to the high school.

Community Service

Ms. Alice Melnikoff, Community Service Coordinator (617) 993-5981

In order to meet BHS graduation requirements, students must complete 40 hours of community service.  Service may be performed at a variety of locations and at times that are convenient for the student, including school vacations and free periods during the school day.  For a full description of the requirements of the program go to

Contacting Faculty Members

Every staff member at BHS can be reached via e-mail. Use the first initial and full last name of the teacher you are trying to reach, followed by For example:  If you are trying to reach Principal Daniel Richards, you would use the following address: Please keep in mind that teachers will make every attempt to respond within 24 hours.

Additionally, every staff member can be reached via voicemail.  To look up a staff member’s voicemail number call (617) 993-5900 and choose option “6” from the menu.

Early Release Days

Dismissal time on early release days is 10:30 am. There are several early release dates throughout the year.

StudentPlus and ParentPlus

ParentPlus and StudentPlus are BHS’s online student information systems and replace the Edline system.  Student schedules, report cards, progress reports and teacher assignments are posted to your student’s private account.  Families who do not have internet access should call the Main Office at (617) 993-5901 to make arrangements to pick up student reports. ParentPlus and StudentPlus can be accessed through the BPS website at Select the “Students” menu and then “High School StudentPlus”, or the “Parents” menu and then “High School ParentPlus”. Activation codes for parents and students will be e-mailed during the third week in August. Students will receive their activation code via their e-mail account.

Free Periods and Cancelled Classes

Students are expected to be present in the school between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm. In case of free periods at the start, middle or end of the day, students may spend that time in the cafeteria or the library. BHS does not call in a substitute until a teacher’s third consecutive day of absence. When a teacher is absent, class is cancelled and there will be a homework assignment posted on the classroom door. Students should note the assignment and spend class time in the cafeteria, the library or a designated quiet study classroom. Students may not be dismissed during their “frees” unless they have earned open campus privileges.

Grades and Grade Point Averages

There are four terms in the school year. Grades are recorded for each quarter as well as for mid-year and exams. Final grades are calculated by the following formula:

Q1: 20%, Q2: 20%, Mid-year exam: 10%,
Q3: 20%, Q4: 20%, Final exam: 10%

Information regarding the calculation of grade point averages can be found in the BHS Student Handbook.

Guidance Staff

Guidance counselors are a resource students can turn to for help with academics, social issues, emotional issues and/or scheduling issues. Students can also be referred to our school psychologist. Each student is assigned a guidance counselor upon entrance to BHS and will have the same guidance counselor through his or her senior year. Parents/guardians are welcome to make appointments with their student’s counselor to discuss concerns about their student by calling (617) 993-5910. Juniors and seniors meet with their guidance counselor more often for assistance with the college planning and application process.

2016-2017 Guidance Counselor Assignments (Assigned by first letter of student’s last name)

Ms. Ross
Mr. Brown
Mr. Ruane
Ms. Field
Ms. Taylor
9th grade
A – Car
Cas – Di
Do – I
J – Mi
Mo – Sm
So – Z
10th grade
A – Che
Chi – Ga
Ge – K
L – Mo
Mu – Sh
Sk – Z
11th grade
A – Cr
Cu – Ha
He – Mc
Me – Sh
Si – Z
12th grade
A – Do
Du – H
I – Mah
Mai – Se
Sh – Z


Health Office Information

Ms. Patsy MacKinnon, School Nurse (617) 993-5929

In order to provide a safe and healthy school environment, it is important for the school nurse to be informed of any health issues that may affect a student’s performance in school or require special attention (e.g., injuries, allergies, asthma, diabetes, seizure disorders, etc.).  Parents/guardians should contact the school nurse directly regarding any health issues.

If medications are to be given in school, the following guidelines need to be followed:

  • Prescribed medications must be in the pharmacy bottle and labeled with the student’s name, doctor’s name, dosage, date, etc.
  • Over-the-counter medications must be in the original manufacturer-labeled container
  • A medical permission form must be signed by the parent/guardian and physician for any over-the-counter (including Tylenol or Ibuprofen) or prescription medications.  Forms are available in the nurse’s office
  • Student should not transport any medication to school
  • All medicines are to be kept in the nurse’s office
  • It is the responsibility of the student to come to the health clinic at the required time

If the above guidelines are not followed, the school will be unable to dispense the medication.  Should further clarification of the medication policy be necessary, please contact the school nurse.

Parent/Guardian Information and BHS News

To receive school information, parents/guardians are encouraged to sign up on the BHS website to receive the following distribution lists:

  • List-serve
  • Twitter – @bhsnewsblast
  • Principal’s Blog –

Daily announcements can be accessed at

The Calendar of Events for the Year is available on the BHS website at:

Parent Teacher Organization

The BHS Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) provides opportunities for parents/guardians to be involved. The PTO Meetings schedule for 2016-2017 school year will be available in early September. The meetings are held at 7:30 pm in the BHS Library.  PTO Co-Presidents, Mr. Michael Tymm can be reached at and Mr. Allen Babroudi can be reached at

Report Cards and Progress Reports

Report cards and progress reports are made available to parents/guardians electronically through their ParentPlus Accounts. Parent and student accounts will be e-mailed in mid-August. Report cards will be uploaded to StudentPlus and ParentPlus in November, January, April and June. Final report cards will be posted in late June. Progress reports will be posted in October, December, March, and May. An email message will be sent out via the school List-serve announcing the posting of report cards and progress reports.

Parents/guardians who do not have access to the internet should contact the Main Office to make arrangements to pick up student report cards and progress reports.

School Day

The school day runs from 7:35 am to 2:25 pm. All students must be in school by 8:00 am, regardless of free periods, and may not leave the campus before 2:00 pm, unless formally dismissed by a parent/guardian. Class periods meet for either 2 mods (52 minutes) or 3 mods (78 minutes). There is typically a 2 or 3 minute period of time change between classes.

BHS will follow an abbreviated schedule on all Wednesdays.  Regular dismissal on Wednesday afternoons will be at 1:25 pm.  Additionally, BHS will have five 10:30 am Wednesday dismissals and one 10:30 am delayed opening during the school year.

Student Drop Off and Pickup

Students may be dropped off and picked up in front of the school building. For student safety and smooth traffic flow, cars should pull over to the right and allow traffic to pass on the left. For security purposes, all exterior doors are locked at 8:15 am at which time all students and visitors must enter through the main lobby entrance across from the flagpole.

Student Parking

Students must apply for parking permit. Applications are located in the main office. Completed applications should be submit to the Main Office for consideration. Students are only allowed to park in the designated student parking area. All violators’ vehicles may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

Yearbook Purchase

Information regarding the purchase of a yearbook through the Jostens Company will be available on the BHS website under students/yearbooks.

Belmont High School – First Day of School (Wednesday, 9/7/2016)

     7:35 AM – 8:13    Students report to homeroom

A3     8:15 AM – 8:38 AM

B3     8:38 AM – 9:01 AM

C3     9:02 AM – 9:25 AM

D3     9:25 AM – 9:48 AM

E3     9:48 AM – 10:11 AM

F3     10:13 AM – 10:36 AM   Freshmen Assembly at 9:55 am.  Freshmen will return to their H3 class.

H3     10:59 AM – 11:22 AM

I3     11:24 AM – 11:47 AM

J3     11:47 AM – 12:10 PM

K3     12:10 PM – 12:33 PM

L3     12:35 PM – 12:58 PM

M3     12:58 PM – 1:25 PM

Thursday, 9/8/2016

-Sophomore Assembly at 1:10 pm

-Junior Assembly at 8:30 am

-Senior Assembly at 9:52 am


Belmont High School – 15 Module Schedule

Meeting Time


Belmont High School Attendance Policy – Key Points

  • Students should be in school every scheduled day from 7:35 a.m. – 2:25 p.m.
  • To be eligible to participate in any extracurricular activity offered by the school, students must be in school from 7:35 a.m. – 2:25 p.m. on the day of the activity.   Attendance on the final school day before a weekend or school vacation will be used to determine a student’s eligibility to participate in an extracurricular activity during the weekend or vacation.  Special circumstances will be reviewed by the assistant principal.
  • Students are expected to attend every class meeting; attendance records are maintained on a course-by-course basis.
  • Students are only allowed 5 excused absences per class per quarter. See list of documented absences (which do not count toward the cap of 5 excused absences) below.
  • The parent/guardian must leave a return telephone number, and a reason for the absence.  Only the student’s parent/guardian may excuse an absence.
  • Grade penalties will be imposed for unexcused absences.
  • All absences due to school-sponsored field trips are considered excused.
  • When a student arrives to class without a pass and is tardy more than fifteen (15) minutes after formal instruction has commenced, he/she is considered absent unexcused.  The student should still go to class to receive credit for the work done in the portion of the class he/she attended.
  • In extenuating circumstances, a student may appeal absence-related consequences to the Attendance Review Panel to resolve attendance issues.
  • Appeals must be in writing to the student’s assistant principal within one (1) week of the incident. Appeals submitted after this time will not be accepted. Special circumstances will be reviewed by the assistant principal.


  1. Unexcused tardy– When a student arrives late to school or class and no phone call or note has been provided, the student receives an unexcused tardy.  If the student receives 4 or more unexcused tardies in one quarter, the student receives a grade penalty. Parents or guardians will be notified by teacher and/or assistant principal by phone or email when a student receives 3 or more unexcused tardies.
  2. Unexcused absence– When a student misses class and no phone call or note has been provided. The student receives a grade penalty and discipline. Parents/guardians will be notified when a student receives an unexcused absence.
  3. Excused absence (called in by parent/guardian) – When a student is absent due to illness, the parent/guardian must call the high school attendance office the night before or the day of the student’s absence at (617)993-5999 prior to 2:00PM.  A parent/guardian note is not required for this absence. Students are allowed a maximum of 5 called in or excused absences per quarter.
  4. Documented excused absence– When a student is absent due to a special circumstance, the parent/guardian must provide a note to document the absence. Examples of documented excused absences are listed below. Documented excused absences do not count toward the maximum of 5 absences per quarter.

Documented Excused absences

The following absences are considered documented excused and do not count towards the maximum five (5) allowed absences, however documentation must be provided and missed work must be made up:

Reasons – Required Documentation

  • Religious holidays – Parent note
  • Mandatory court visits – Court documents
  • Testing (Special education, etc.) – Evaluator note
  • Field Trips/School-sponsored-events – None required
  • Extended illness (4 or more consecutive) – Doctor/Nurse practitioner note can be faxed or brought in
  • Family funeral/emergencies – Parent note
  • Health professional visits – Doctor/Nurse, practitioner note
  • College/private school visits (3 maximum) – Parent or College/School note

All documentation notes must be brought in no later than one day after the absence.

Routine health professional appointments should be scheduled after school. If this is unavoidable, parents/guardians must notify the main office or submit a note in advance of the appointment. Notification after the fact will not be excused.

Attendance Policy Guidelines and Protocols

Students are expected to attend every class meeting unless excused according to procedures described here. Six (6) or more absences in a quarter will result in grade reductions and potential failure of a course or courses.

Individual Responsibilities

  • Student’s Responsibilities
    • It is each student’s responsibility to be aware of his/her attendance status in class, to make responsible decisions about attending all classes on a regular basis, and to miss no more than five (5) classes during a quarter.
    • The student should monitor his/her own attendance and speak with his/her teachers if he/she has any questions about attendance records.
    • The student must obtain and make-up class work missed due to absences. It is the student’s responsibility to see his/her teachers to obtain missed work.
  • Parent/Guardian Information and Responsibilities
    • The parent/guardian should monitor his/her son’s/daughter’s attendance in each of his/her classes.
    • We encourage parents to discuss the importance of good attendance with their children.
    • To excuse a student’s absence, the parent/guardian must call the high school attendance office the night before, or the day of the student’s absence at (617) 993-5999 prior to 2:00 p.m.  Messages left after 2:00 p.m. will not be considered, and the student will be marked unexcused for the day. Special circumstances will be reviewed by the assistant principal.
    • When leaving a message on the attendance line, please leave the following information:
      • Student’s name
      • Student’s grade
      • Reason for absence (see below)
      • Return telephone number

**Phone calls submitted after 2:00 p.m. of the day of the absence will not be accepted.**

  • Faculty, Staff, and Administration Responsibilities
    • Record each student’s attendance in Grade Quick for each class on a daily basis.
    • Submit the daily attendance records by 2:45PM each day.
    • Reconcile all adjustments to a student’s attendance the following day.
    • Notify the student, parent, guidance counselor, and assistant principal when a student reaches three (3) undocumented excused absences, one (1) unexcused absence, and/or three (3) unexcused tardies.
    • Assistant principals will address students whose absences are unexcused or excessive

Grade Reduction and Buy Back Program

The letter grade of N in a particular course indicates a student has not met the school’s attendance expectations. An N reflects an academic grade of 59% due to a lack of attendance. Students are afforded the opportunity to recover a grade of N with the students’ earned grade. The policy and procedure is listed below:

Semester Courses

(2 quarters Grade Reduction and Buyback)

  • Grade Reduction
    • A student with six (6) or more undocumented excused and/or unexcused absences in the first quarter of a semester course (half year) will receive an N for a grade. As a result, the original grade earned (60% or higher) is replaced with a 59%. The comment of “Failure due to attendance” will be noted on the student’s report card. Grades earned below 59% will not be replaced with an N but will be recorded according to what the student has earned.
  • Grade Buyback
    • A student who earns an N in the first quarter can pass a semester course if he/she meets the attendance expectations in the following quarter and has no discipline concerns. If the student meets the discipline and attendance expectations in the following quarter, his/her grade of N (59) will be replaced by the student’s original grade earned. Both earned grades are then calculated to determine a final grade
    • If a student does not meet the attendance expectation in the second quarter, the grade of N (59) is not replaced and is used to determine a final grade for the course.
    • There is no buy back option for the fourth quarter, therefore if a student does not meet the required attendance expectations the student would receive an “F” (59%) for quarter 4.

Full-year courses

(4 quarters Grade Reduction and Buyback)

  • Grade Reduction
    • A student with six (6) or more undocumented excused and/or unexcused absences in a single quarter of a year-long course will receive an N for a grade. As a result, the original grade earned (60% or higher) is replaced with a 59%. The comment of “Failure due to attendance” will be noted on the student’s report card. Grades earned below 59% will not be replaced with an N but will be recorded according to what the student has earned.
    • A student cannot exceed two (2) quarters earning an N for a grade. If the student does exceed the limit, they will then receive a failing grade for the year. Required courses would need to be repeated in the following school year.  
  • Grade Buyback
    • A student who earns an N for a single quarter in a year-long course can pass for the quarter if he/she meets the discipline and attendance expectations in the following quarter. The N is then replaced by the original grade earned by the student and used when calculating the final grade for the course.
    • During quarter 4 there is no buyback option, therefore if a student does not meet the required attendance expectations the student would receive an “F” (59%) for quarter 4.

*** Students will not be allowed to change or drop classes to avoid the consequences of poor attendance. Those who do change classes for legitimate reasons will have their attendance record follow them to the similar class. ***

BHS New Student Orientation, 9/1

Belmont High School Connectors



Belmont High School

 New Student Orientation

for entering 9th graders and other new students


Thursday, September 1, 2016

5 pm to 7:15 pm

Belmont High School

221 Concord Avenue


People and Pizza

Meet upper class students and Guidance Counselors.

Tour Belmont High School.  Make Connections with BHS student Connectors.  A second event for transfer students will be held on Friday, September 2 at lunch time.

Sponsored by Belmont High School Connectors Program, Staff and PTO.                    


BHS Quarter 4 High and Honor Roll


Melanie Aftandilian
 Yara Akkeh
 Megan Alper
 Kyra Armstrong
 Allison Arsenault
 Jessica Blake-West
 Ian Bowe
 Olga Brevnova
 Hope Chang
 Joseph Chen
 Langston Chen
 Della Copes Finke
 Shannon Corrigan
 Benjamin Cunningham
 Kabita Das
 Antonio DiTommaso
 Sarah Donoyan
 Byuri Eom
 Sophia Fenn
 Meghan Ferraro
 Julia Fontana
 Connor Giallongo
 Emma Giallongo
 Kierstin Gurwell
 Sophia Guzikowski
 Julian Hansen
 Lowell Haska
 Eriko Hishiya
 Kiara Holm
 Christine Hraiz
 Lihang Huang
 Meredith Hughes
 Madison Jozefiak
 Abigail Judge
 Amanda Jung
 Ryan Keeth
 Andrew Kelley
 Cynthia Kelsey
 Samantha Kelts
 Risa Kim
 Sophia Klimasmith
 Michelle Kornberg
 Katelyn LaRussa
 Eric Lehman
 Emma Lester
 Yuzhe Li
 Sophia Lubarr
 Stephen Lucas
 Kerri Lynch
 Kate Macauley
 Katharine MacIsaac
 Anna Makar-Limanov
 Colleen McDonough
 Hannah Messenger
 Varak Mouradian
 Veronica Murray
 Renna Nikolaidis
 Dana O’Rourke
 Sarah Paolillo
 Emma Pierce-Hoffman
 Kirsten Poulos
 Faye Reagan
 Katrina Rizzuto
 Joshua Rodrigues
 Julia Samuelian
 Tyler Setterlund
 Alexia Stefanovich
 Sarah Stewart
 Jessica Strokowski
 Rebecca Tananbaum
 Sierra Tseng
 Carly Tymm
 Seth Warner
 Lixinyu Xu
 Jessica Zavaro



Yilei Bai
 Alexandra Bailey
 Alexandra Beecroft
 Diana Benea
 Antranig Boynerian
 Eleanor Carlile
 Madeline Carlini
 Julia Cella
 Su Chen
 L De Azevedo Siqueria
 Francesco De Leo
 Sylvie Gallagher
 Molly Goldberg
 Fiona Grant
 Alexis Griffin
 Hisako Gutterman
 Michael Guyumdzhyan
 Aidan Hamell
 Sophia Haska
 Daniel Holt
 Joseph Hraiz
 Rachel Jansen
 Madeline Jenkins
 Benjamin Jones
 Emma Jones
 Daphne Kaxiras
 Charlotte Koch
 Ethan Lai
 Bo Lan
 Adelie Leabman
 Sarah Lessin
 Annie Li
 Daniel Li
 Judy Li
 Jeffrey Loh
 Alice Luo
 Zhili Luo
 Katharine Mabbott
 Fiona Martin
 Ally Meringer
 Fiona Milton
 Dervla Moore-Frederick
 Ciara Murphy
 Serena Murphy
 Sara Naumann
 Adina Ornstein
 Ann Pan
 Sophia Petrella
 Ana-Maria Poole
 James Robichaux
 Giulia Rufo
 Edward Searls
 Yinuo Shi
 Elisabeth Silletto
 Thomas Slap
 Eleanor Thidemann
 Kendra Valerius
 Yuxuan Wang
 Quincy Webb
 Sophia Windemuth
 Aaron Yao-Smith
 Karen Ying
 Eileen You
 Stephanie Zhang
 Xinyi Zhang
 Michael Zhou



Naomi Arsenault
 Alexia Assimakopoulos
 David Belorian
 Jason Berger
 Marco Brizzolara
 Benjamin Brody
 Haley Brown
 Henry Brown
 Jennifer Call
 Camilla Carere
 Nina Cavanagh
 Eric Chao
 Albert Chen
 Jessica Chen
 Brandon Chicz
 Carly Christofori
 Bryan Collins
 Trevor Collins
 Dakarai Crowder
 Johnna Crowley
 Miriam Cubstead
 Julia Cunningham
 Micaela Curtin
 Anna Dalby
 Austin Deng
 Julia Dolan
 Emily-Claire Duffy
 Thor Elfarsson
 Nayun Eom
 Eliza Filler
 Aidan Fox
 Teresa Frick
 Mary Galstian
 Courtney Gray
 Caleb Harris
 Alice Hashemi
 Eva Hill
 Bryan Huang
 Rachel Iler-Keniston
 Shodai Inose
 Won Young Jang
 Kevin Ji
 Eliza Jones
 Andrew Karalis
 Olga Katayenko
 Edgar Kazarian
 Julia Kermond
 James Kitch
 Mizuki Kobayashi
 Olive Kozelian
 Anton Kutsman
 Wooseong Kwon
 Lauren LaFauci
 Rachel Laing
 Elizabeth Lazenby
 Seungil Lee
 Kate Lester
 Katherine Libenson
 Jason Lim
 Ryan Lim
 Fenghua Lin
 Ashley Liu
 Zhijia Liu
 Emily Logan
 Julia Logan
 John Lonergan
 Erin Looney
 Jackson Luce
 Taylor MacEwen
 Natalie Marcus-Bauer
 Kamila Mardanova
 Julia Martin
 Gabrielle Mazzoni
 Alyssa Merhy
 Brian Miller
 Christina Noonan
 Sofia Noorouzi
 Ryuichi Ohhata
 Elena Parsons
 Calvin Perkins
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 James Pollock
 Greta Propp
 Jackson Pullman
 Connor Quinn
 Niklas Roberts
 Joshua Ryan
 Emma Sass
 Mohammad Sayeed
 Sofia Schlozman
 Luca Sivers
 Erika Sorenson
 Richard Sullivan
 Kostas Tingos
 Nanako Tokuo
 Sebastian Tolls
 Zachary Tseng
 Calvin Yang
 Yongzhe Yu
 Andy Zhang
 Jiajia Zhang
 Mirilla Zhu


Eleanor Amer
 Nabil Amira
 Cameron Anderson
 Yasmine Aoua
 Zoe Armstrong
 Jessica Auerbach
 Rami Awad
 Gyeong Hoon Baeg
 Wi Bazakas-Chamberlain
 Elizabeth Biondo
 Alyssa Bodmer
 Megan Bodmer
 Arek Boynerian
 Sophie Butte
 Eamon Caffrey
 Laurel Carpenter
 Jackson Carter
 Olivia Cella
 Morgan Chase
 Renkang Chen
 Yo-Lei Chen
 Hannah Chinoporos
 Grace Christensen
 Olivia Colman
 Caroline Cooper
 Max Copes Finke
 Lauren Curtis
 Phoebe Derba
 Emily Dexter
 Samantha Dignan
 Marya Drinkard-Dennehy
 Seamus Dullaghan
 Kseniya Dzhala
 Ella Gagnon
 Lindsay Gaziano
 Chloe Gilligan
 Jessica Giorgio
 Joshua Grassia
 Anna Guo
 Molly Hamilton
 Gabrielle Hanley
 Nathalie Hansen
 Ruiqi Huang
 Jin Young Hwang
 Tae Min Jang
 Kevin Jen
 Tess Jenkins
 Jackie Jiang
 Mia Kaldenbaugh
 Benjamin Kargere
 Virginie Kargere
 Vassilios Kaxiras
 Alexandra Keefe
 Brandon Kim
 Isabelle Kim
 Hayley Koenigsberg
 Jessica La Roche
 Gabriella Landaeta
 Vivian Li
 Sofia Litchev
 Philip Lynch
 Jane Mahon
 Carla Maier
 Jacob Makar-Limanov
 Dinara Mardanova
 Bella Martin
 Clare Martin
 Evelyn Martin
 Grace Matheson
 Johanna Matulonis
 Caroline McLaughlin
 Dylan McLaughlin
 Aryan Mehrotra
 Matar Mendelson-Maoz
 Matthew Miller
 Abigail Mohr
 Viola Monovich
 Brittany Moran
 Callie Morris
 Jennifer Muson
 Luisa November
 Francis Pacini
 Alexander Park
 Audrey Quinn
 James Rhinelander
 Eliana Roberts
 Madelynn Rodriguez
 Omer Rona
 Andrea Russi
 Samuel Sagherian
 Kate Sandage
 Annalise Schlaug
 Rida Sharief
 Nitya Sharma
 Fran Soljacic
 Sambridhi Subedi
 Sofia Sukmanskaia
 Michelle Sung
 Megan Tan
 Harold Thidemann
 Mayura Thomas
 Chloe Tingos
 Maya Vernick
 Gabriella Viale
 Lindsay Vuong
 Joshua Wan
 Cassandra Wang
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 Alexander Wilk
 Madelyn Wills
 Naina Woker
 Matthew Wu
 Zhirui Xiong
 David Yan
 Saiyeon Yoon
 Ahmet Yuksel
 Lara Zeng
 Emily Zhang
 Isabelle Zheng
 Tiancheng Zheng


Cailin Abouzeid
 Clark Addis
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 Adam Alper
 Lindsey Annus
 Edouard Arkinstall
 David Babikian
 Adelaida Balagyozyan
 Ariana Banijamali
 Abigail Baskerville
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 Kevin Bennett
 Ines Benyamina
 Caroline Burns
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 Erin Cantor
 Sofia Cellucci
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 Kar Hoe Chiu
 Thomas Choy
 Michael Cole
 Josephine Cooper
 Benjamin Covell
 Nichole Crowley
 Jocelyn Cubstead
 Victor Dankens
 Dhylan Desai
 Anupama Dinesh
 Doaa Eldessouki
 Lloyd Ellison
 Emerson Gagnon
 Grant Gilbert
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 Sarah Henman
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 Molly Hubbard
 Isabella Jaen Maisonet
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 Nicholas Jones
 Panagiota Karellas
 Madison Kelts
 Jessica Keniston
 Denise Khor
 Helena Kim
 Tokio Kobayashi
 Brett Koslowsky
 Allison Krauss
 Ha-Young Kwon
 Samrina Lamichhane
 Michael Lazar
 Elizabeth Levy
 Kevin Li
 Maggie Liu
 Chun Lok Lo
 Pui Chi Lo
 Richard Ma
 Margaret MacAulay
 Anastasia MacEwen
 Natalie MacKinnon-Booth
 Grace Maddox
 Shadi Mahjoum
 John Mahon
 Mark Manning
 Debra Mannix
 Ani Maroyan
 Eli Martin
 Enrique Massidda
 Katherine McCarthy
 Solvay Metelmann
 Boguslawjan Mika
 Vertis Mikell
 Thomas Moyles
 Lia Muckjian
 Serena Nally
 Renuka Nannapaneni
 Kyra Nelson
 Nicolas Neves
 Marina Nicoletti
 Sara Noorouzi
 Brian O’Neil
 Paulina Papadopoulos
 Junho Park
 Francesca Pellegrini
 Nina Pellegrini
 Luke Peterson
 Christopher Piccione
 Rahul Ramakrishnan
 Hannah Read
 Carlos Rendon
 Julia Rifkin
 Anthony Rodriguez
 Giulianna Ruiz-Shah
 Vaness Salazar-Pineros
 Ryan Sass
 Ritika Saxena
 Mary Sealey
 Catherine Seaver
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 Joseph Shaughnessy
 Anna Shuster
 Princy Sindurakar
 Caitlyn Sloane
 John Stewart
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 Samari Winklaar
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 Kaiwen Zhang


Nicolas Albano
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 Ilina Gulati
 Elijah Gullage
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 Riley Haight
 John Haverty
 Nikolai Illarionov
 Cameron Jefferson
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 Claire Johnson
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 Hannah Kusnitz
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 Jacqueline Mahoney
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 Kai Yao
 Daniel Yardemian
 Rickey Ye
 Haoran Zhang
 Kevin Zheng

McLean and Belmont High School Partnership Earn Major Award (HPA)

A partnership between McLean Hospital and Belmont High School (BHS) to help address the social and emotional needs of students has earned state and national recognition.

The Massachusetts Association of Secondary School Principals, the National Association of Secondary School Principals, and the National Honor Society presented McLean and BHS with the Golden Torch Award in community service for launching the initiative.

BHS principal Dan Richards and psychologist Eileen Wiznitzer, PsyD, approached McLean two years ago to explore a partnership that would provide additional social and emotional support for students. “McLean was extremely responsive to our needs and has since volunteered to provide consultation services, a speaker series for parents, and training workshops for educators,” said Wiznitzer.

“There has been a growing population of adolescents and young adults who are presenting with psychiatric difficulties,” said Wiznitzer, noting that depression and anxiety are what educators see as most prevalent. “Not only are the numbers growing, but the degree of severity of some of the issues has increased. Simultaneously, a lot of the resources have been reduced, as there are fewer community mental health services and fewer state-funded facilities and state-funded resources.”

“There’s a lot of strain on schools to fill those holes in order to assist kids with emotional and social struggles,” she said. “There’s an enormous need, and McLean has stepped up to try and assist us.”

Child and Adolescent Outpatient Services
McLean’s Child and Adolescent Outpatient Services, located in Cambridge

Diane Bedell, LICSW, program director of McLean’s Clinical Evaluation Center and Ambulatory Services who oversees the McLean-BHS initiative, said when theChild and Adolescent Outpatient Servicesmoved in 2014 to the Sancta Maria Nursing Facility in Cambridge, being in close proximity to BHS presented the opportunity to respond to a growing need within the community.

“Soon after we moved, Belmont High reached out to us,” she said. “There is increasing recognition by communities and school systems about the growing mental health needs of students, not just here but globally. We decided to work on developing a partnership with the school system that would them help meet the needs of their students.”

To facilitate the BHS partnership, McLean hired Paulina Loo, MD, MPH, who has extensive experience developing school consultation services and previously served as the clinical director for the New York City Children’s Center, operated by the New York State Office of Mental Health. In addition to working with BHS, she is a psychiatrist with the McLean Anxiety Mastery Program, which provides outpatient treatment services to children and adolescents.

“McLean is highly committed to providing services to Belmont High,” said Loo, who meets with Wiznitzer and other BHS staff on a regular basis. “This partnership exemplifies how mental health care organizations can successfully collaborate with school districts to help provide better resources for students as well as their families.”

McLean has so far provided a speaker series for parents, covering such topics as stress reduction and the mental health needs of students transitioning to college. The hospital has also made scholarship slots available to students who require intensive mental health services but whose families are not able to pay for services. In addition, mental health consultation has been offered to educators, helping them to gain a better understanding of psychiatric illness. Planning is currently underway for workshops that will help staff improve their skills in working with high-risk students struggling with mental health challenges.

“From my perspective, this is what’s so important—to try and change the trajectory of students who are experiencing emotional or mental health challenges,” said Loo. “My goal is to also provide services to the elementary school kids—to work with them in a setting that’s not stigmatized. We want to help kids to be healthier, earlier.”