Quiz Show, 2/28 (Belmont vs Shrewsbury)

Belmont vs Shrewsbury

This week’s battle of the brains features Belmont High School going up against Shrewsbury High School! Tune in to WGBH Saturday, February 28th at 6pm to see who will advance to the quarterfinals!
GroupsClare 1Lucas 1Rahul 1ThomasGo Belmont


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BHS Online School Store

The official Belmont High School online school store. Each purchase supports programs at Belmont High School.


Thank you for your support!


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Second Quarter Model Marauder Awards

Model Marauder Awards for

Excellence and Creativity

Student Award

  • BHS students are eligible to be nominated for a Model Marauder Award for Excellence and Creativity in the areas of scholarship, art and citizenship.
  • Students can be nominated by staff members on a quarterly basis.
  • All nominations will be reviewed by a committee of staff members, who will forward 3 finalists for each category to the school administration.

Staff Award

  • BHS staff members are eligible to be nominated for a Model Marauder Award for Excellence and Creativity in the areas of teaching, learning and meeting the needs of students and their families.
  • Staff members can be nominated by other staff members, students and community members on a quarterly basis.
  • All nominations will be reviewed by a committee of staff members, who will forward 3 finalists to the school administration.

Prospective Model Marauders will be evaluated on the following 6 criteria:

  1. Demonstrating a willingness to innovate, experiment and build on new ideas.
  2. Developing, implementing and communicating new ideas to others effectively.
  3. Incorporating feedback into their work, demonstrating openness and responsiveness to new and diverse perspectives.
  4. Demonstrating originality and inventiveness in their work.
  5. Viewing failure as an opportunity to overcome challenges and learn to be resilient.
  6. Acting on creative ideas and making useful contributions to their school and community.

Watch your email and the BHS website for nomination windows at the end of each quarter!

Second Quarter Model Marauder Winners!

Model Marauder – Scholarship

Neal Mulani

Neil is being recognized for his hard work, intellectual curiosity and ability to lead students to complete creative projects

Neil is a conscientious and hard-working student who demonstrates intellectual curiosity during every lesson.  His passion for language and literature is apparent whether it be through discussions after class about his writing or observing him work with group members during a class activity.  Neil is also president of the film club, organizing large groups of students to write, produce,film, and edit creative student videos.  In all of Neil’s interactions with students and faculty alike, he conducts himself with the utmost respect and dignity.

Neil Milani

Model Marauder – Citizenship

Meghan Alper

Meghan is being recognized for her student leadership, understanding of and participation in the democratic process, and successfully advocating for the addition of a new Ceramics course to the BHS Program of Studies.

Meghan, along with several classmates, was interested in a new level of Ceramics programing at BHS. She took it upon herself to lead the entire process, starting with a student petition, then approaching her Ceramics teacher with their interest and seeking advice and participation. She met with administrators and was prepared to speak to the school committee. She pursued this goal with maturity and respect for the process, and was ultimately successful in having a new Ceramics course added to the BHS Program of Studies.

Megan Alper

Model Marauder – Staff

Anne-Marie Fant

Ms. Fant is being recognized for her commitment to excellence in teaching and learning, as well as her creative and thoughtful approach to new technologies and teaching strategies.

Ms. Fant is a wonderful colleague, supportive in all of her interactions with students and colleagues.  She offers amazing feedback about teaching and structures lessons that are creative, clear, and support student learning.  She connects deeply and authentically with her students and works hard to meet their individual learning and personal needs.  She is a leader in the English department, someone whom we all turn to for good ideas or listening. Ms. Fant has been a critical component of our move to the digital Google Classroom and Google Drive model, piloting programs and modeling them for other teachers. Additionally she has taken several thoughtful risks, in regards to teaching, such as her recent collaboration with other three other 12th grade ELA teachers to co-teach portions of the Senior Thesis.     

Anne Marie Fant


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BHS Did You Know?

AP Art at Belmont High School

Did you know?

  • The Advanced Placement in Studio Art students have received the highest state and national honors in the Scholastic Art competition winning more gold awards in the area of painting than any other art program in the state for the last 12 years.
  • The Advanced Placement in Studio Art students have won the American Vision Award (best in state) 10 times in the last 15 years that’s more than  any other program in the area of painting in the state ever.
  • 2009 One student was honored with a Senatorial citation for excellence in art presented by the Massachusetts Senators.
  • The Advanced Placement in Studio Art students have received the highest scholarships totaling approximately 60 million dollars from the most prestigious schools both art schools and universities over the last 18 years.
  • The Advanced Placement in Studio Art students have gone off to work at some of the most prestigious companies; Pixar, Google, Microsoft, ABC Studio’s, Calvin Klein,  Levi’s, Under Armor, 20th Century Studio’s, and New York and Company.

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Principal’s Favorite Article of The Week

Study: American Students Have High Levels of Education, But Stressful Lives

 While American students have high levels of educational achievement and decent test scores, they may also experience high levels of social stress and poverty.

new report out Tuesday from The Horace Mann League, a public education advocacy group, and the National Superintendents Roundtable, a community of school administrators, argues that more than just test scores should be taken into consideration when comparing countries’ education systems. In the report, researchers look at 24 indicators in six categories — student outcomes, school system outcomes, social stress, support for families, support for schools and economic inequity — in order to evaluate the educational success of nine countries.

Study authors compare school systems in the G-7 nations, seven of the world’s largest economies — the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the U.K. — writing that it is “important to draw comparisons among nations that are as similar as possible.” Authors also include Finland and China “due to global interest in the educational performance of their students.”

“The goal was to look at the whole iceberg, not just the tip — and provide a clearer snapshot of each country’s performance, including its wealth, diversity, community safety, and support for families and schools,” Gary Marx, president of The Horace Mann League, said in a press release.

Comparison results were bleak for the United States. While the U.S. is the wealthiest nation in the report and has an exceptionally well-educated adult population, the study found high levels of economic inequality, low levels of support for families and higher levels of social stress than any other country examined. Countries’ levels of social stress were measured in the report based on factors such rates of violent deaths, death from drug abuse and teen pregnancy.

“With respect to social stress, the indicators suggest the U.S. has the highest rates of deaths from violence and substance abuse, and that American society is 13 to 16 times more violence-prone than other nations in this study,” the report said.

This violence can lead to stress that has a negative impact on children’s brain development, the report said. This type of impact on the developing brain could “undermine school readiness and academic achievement, and threaten serious long-term mental health challenges.”

Additionally, while policymakers in recent years have worried that American schools have fallen behind on international tests, researchers say American elementary school students perform well — although the study authors note there is room for improvement among middle school students.

On the other hand, Finland has low levels of economic inequality, low levels of social stress, high levels of support for families and admirable student outcomes.

The chart below outlines how each country fared in the study’s six dimensions. On each level, 40 is the maximum amount of points a country can receive. A dark blue box indicates that a country has scored in the top third on a dimension, a gray box indicates a score in the middle third and a maroon box a score in the bottom third. (China had inadequate data for dimensions three, four and five.)

Chart courtesy The Horace Mann League.

Jim Harvey, executive director of the National Superintendents Roundtable, told The Huffington Post that he thinks the report’s findings offer a number of implications.

“First, we should stop judging national school performance here or anywhere else on the basis of a single test score,” said Harvey. “The second is we need multiple measures for what’s going on in complex societies to understand what’s going on in our schools.

“The third finding is, here we are, one of the wealthiest nations in the world, and we have a shocking rate of relative poverty for children,” he continued. “The existence of those levels of child poverty in the midst of plenty is really something to embarrass our country.”

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BHS 2015 National Merit Finalist

The National Merit Scholarship Program has determined which of the 16,000 Semifinalists named in September 2014 have met all requirements to advance to Finalist standing in the competition. Belmont High School is proud to announce the following Finalist:

  • Alexandra C. Dionne
  • David W. Gibson
  • Clare X. Lai
  • Yoo Kyung Lee
  • Sarita I. Shera
  • Catherine Z. Tang
  • Thomas C. Zembowictz

All Finalists will be considered for National Merit Scholarship to be offered in 2015.


National Merit Finalist, 2014-2015

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Scheduling Summer Plans

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s)-

With the many snow days and possibly more to come, families may have their sights on summer vacations and are starting to arrange their plans. When organizing the family calendar, please take in consideration that the scheduled last official day of school is determined by the school committee sometime in April/May. When determined, the date will be posted on the district website and BHS Principal’s Blog. Students are expected attend school until the last official day. Please schedule your summer plans accordingly.

Thank you for your consideration.



Principal Richards

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BHS Course Recommendations for Next Year

“Student recommendations for courses for next year will be posted to Edline this evening.”

February 11, 2015

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The process of registering for classes for the 2015-2016 school year begins with course recommendations for the year. On February 11th, when you log into EDLINE, go to  Private Reports, you will see a report titled, “Demographics”, this report will list your student’s current classes, along with the recommendations made by his/her current teacher for next year. If you are unable to access your Edline account, please contact Nicole Femino (nfemino@belmont.k12.ma.us). In addition, your son/daughter will also be given a hard copy of the same course recommendations report with the backside listing the electives he/she may choose from for next year. This form will need to be signed off by a parent/guardian and returned to the guidance office by Wed. February 25th. On Edline, on the right-hand side, there will be a folder called Course Selection Forms containing the Elective Selection Sheets, PE and Academic independent study forms, course placement review form, and the Program of Studies. The Program of Studies lists all courses ever offered, but the elective sheet shows which elective courses are offered for the 2015-16 school year. Students disagreeing with their placement in a recommended core academic class should first talk with their teacher and begin the placement review process. Placement review forms can also be found in the Course Selection forms folder on Edline. They must be completed and turned in by Feb. 27th.Students must register for at least 32 credits (including 2 credits of PE). Eleventh graders must register for 32 credits, one of which must be Positive Decision Making. If you have any questions, please contact your student’s guidance counselor. Important Dates in the Course Selection Process:

February 2nd-6th        -Teachers will talk with students about recommendations and electives.

February 11th        -Teachers will submit student recommendations and student recommendations will be posted to Edline>Private Reports for students and parents to view, listed as a report titled, “Demographics”.

February 12th        -Hard copies of students’ recommendations and elective course offering sheets will be given to students in their English classes.

February 11th-13th, Feb. 23rd-26th         – Students who disagree with their placement recommendations meet with their teachers to start the placement review process. If a student still disagrees with the teacher recommendation after a discussion, the Course Placement Review Form must be completed and returned to guidance by February 25th.

February 25th        -Students must turn in to the guidance office completed and signed course recommendation forms. In addition, any course placement review forms MUST be submitted by February 27th.

March 2-20         – Students will meet with their guidance counselors to review choices and check graduation credits.                  

If the deadline is missed or the paperwork is incomplete, guidance will use the teacher recommendations and choose the best schedule for the student. Requests for changes after the February 27th deadline cannot be considered. There will be no add/drop period at the beginning of the 2015-16 school year.



Principal Richards

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BHS & Chenery Sports Schedule (2/11-2/21)

Belmont HS & Chenery Middle School

2/11/2015 to 2/21/2015


Wednesday, February 11

3:30PM Girls Junior Varsity Basketball Lexington High School Home

3:30PM Girls Chenery Middle Basketball Clarke MS Lexington Home

3:45PM Boys Junior Varsity Basketball Lexington High School Away

3:45PM Boys Freshman Basketball Lexington High School Away

3:50PM Boys Junior Varsity Ice Hockey Belmont White vs. Woburn Away

5:00PM Boys Varsity Ice Hockey Lexington High School Home

5:00PM Boys Chenery Middle Basketball Clarke MS Lexington Home

5:00PM Girls Varsity Basketball Lexington High School Home

6:00PM Girls Varsity Ice Hockey Wilmington High School John Ryan Ice Rink Watertown

7:00PM Boys Varsity Basketball Lexington High School Home


Thursday, February 12

3:30PM Girls Freshman Basketball Winchester High School Home

3:30PM Girls Chenery Middle Basketball Sudbury / Curtis MS Home

3:30PM Coed Varsity Skiing League Race @ Nashoba Away

4:00PM Boys Freshman Basketball Wakefield High School Away

5:00PM Boys Chenery Middle Basketball Sudbury / Curtis MS Home

5:00PM Girls Varsity Basketball Wakefield High School Home

6:00PM Girls Varsity Ice Hockey Medford High School Home

7:00PM Boys Varsity Basketball Wakefield High School Home


Friday, February 13

3:30PM Girls Junior Varsity Basketball Winchester High School Away

3:30PM Coed Varsity Skiing TBA League Race @ Nashoba Away

4:00PM Boys Varsity Ice Hockey Wakefield High School Home

4:30PM Boys Varsity Indoor Track MIAA Div 3 Championship Meet @ Reggie Lewis Away

4:30PM Girls Varsity Indoor Track MIAA Div 3 Championship Meet @ Reggie Lewis Away

5:00PM Boys Junior Varsity Basketball Winchester High School Away

5:15PM Girls Varsity Basketball Winchester High School Away

7:00PM Boys Varsity Basketball Winchester High School Away


Saturday, February 14

8:30AM Boys Varsity Wrestling MIAA Metro Sectional Tournament @ Reading HS Away

12:00PM Girls Varsity Ice Hockey Melrose High School Away

8:00PM Boys Varsity Ice Hockey Winchester High School Away


Sunday, February 15

11:00AM Girls Varsity Basketball 2015 Spartan Classic vs. Bedford Away

7:50PM Boys Junior Varsity Ice Hockey Belmont White vs. Arlington Away


Monday, February 16

TBA Girls Varsity Basketball 2015 Spartan Classic Away

7:00PM Boys Varsity Basketball Billerica High School Away


Tuesday, February 17

7:00PM Girls Varsity Ice Hockey Winthrop High School John Ryan Ice Rink Watertown



Wednesday, February 18

10:00AM Girls Junior Varsity Basketball North HS−Worcester Home

11:30AM Girls Varsity Basketball North HS−Worcester Home

6:00PM Boys Varsity Basketball BABC MLK Invitational vs. New Bedford Away


Thursday, February 19

5:00PM Girls Varsity Ice Hockey Beverly High School John Ryan Ice Rink Watertown


Friday, February 20

No events scheduled


Saturday, February 21

9:30AM Boys Varsity Indoor Track MIAA All State Championship Meet @ Reggie Lewis Away

9:30AM Girls Varsity Indoor Track MIAA All State Championship Meet @ Reggie Lewis Away

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BHS Second Quarter Honor Roll and High Honor Roll

 High Honor Roll
Naomi Arsenault
Alexia Assimakopoulos
Jason Berger
Kiera Booth
Marco Brizzolara
Emma Brodigan
Benjamin Brody
Antony Bulat
Jennifer Call
Camilla Carere
Nina Cavanagh
Albert Chen
Jessica Chen
Taras Chicz
Bryan Collins
Miriam Cubstead
Anna Dibble
Emily-Claire Duffy
Thor Elfarsson
Nina Ellard
Nayun Eom
Lydia Fick
Eliza Filler
George Fitzgerald
Aidan Fox
Sebastian Freeze
Mary Galstian
Courtney Gray
Mia Handte-Reinecker
Caleb Harris
Seneca Hart
Alice Hashemi
Eva Hill
Liza Hote
Serena Hu
Rachel Iler-Keniston
Shodai Inose
Eliza Jones
Nida Kadayifci
Andrew Karalis
Edgar Kazarian
Julia Kermond
Brendan Kiely
James Kitch
Anoush Krafian
Anton Kutsman
Rachel Laing
Elizabeth Lazenby
Seungil Lee
Sophie Lefebvre
Kate Lester
Katherine Libenson
Jason Lim
Ryan Lim
Fenghua Lin
Ashley Liu
Ophelie Loblack
Emily Logan
Julia Logan
John Lonergan
Erin Looney
Jackson Luce
Taylor MacEwen
Katherine Manganelli
Natalie Marcus-Bauer
Natalie Marusiak
Gabrielle Mazzoni
Alyssa Merhy
Brian Miller
Ryan Noone
Sofia Noorouzi
Thomas Phillips
Greta Propp
Jackson Pullman
Sofia Schlozman
Madeleine Shapiro
Mahima Sindhu
Isha Singh
Kostas Tingos
Nanako Tokuo
Zachary Tseng
Yongzhe Yu
Mateus Zarzycki
Jiajia Zhang
Mirilla Zhu


 High Honor Roll
Hermela Amanuel
Emma Andrikidis
Alexandra Bailey
Lucy Battle
Alexandra Beecroft
Diana Benea
Madeline Carlini
Su Chen
Cal Christofori
Ava Colasin
Emily Cummings
Francesco De Leo
Mary Egan
Fiona Grant
Alexis Griffin
Liora Gut
Riley Haight
Aidan Hamell
Sophia Haska
Daniel Holt
Joseph Hraiz
Nikolai Illarionov
Rachel Jansen
Daphne Kaxiras
Ethan Lai
Bo Lan
Adelie Leabman
Judy Li
Jeffrey Loh
Sara Manjikian
Colleen Mcvay
Ally Meringer
Daniel Miley
Sarah Miller
Fiona Milton
Ciara Murphy
Lennart Nielsen
Ann Pan
Lauren Paquette
Pateel Parseghian
Michael Pergamo
Sophia Petrella
Ana-Maria Poole
Amelia Rasmusen
Paul Rhee
James Robichaux
Paul Roche
Giulia Rufo
Edward Searls
Rakia Segev
Yinuo Shi
Elisabeth Silletto
Thomas Slap
Edward Stafford
Kathleen Starr
Eleanor Thidemann
Kendra Valerius
Amanda Wan
Yuxuan Wang
Quincy Webb
Sophia Windemuth
Aaron Yao-Smith
Karen Ying
Eileen You
Stephanie Zhang
Xinyi Zhang
Emma Zhao
Michael Zhou


  High Honor Roll
Mariam Abutaleb
Allison Arsenault
David Babikian
Arman Belorian
Leah Brams
Olga Brevnova
Joseph Chen
Josephine Cooper
Della Copes Finke
Shannon Corrigan
Victor Cui
Victor Dankens
Lucinda Dearden
Anupama Dinesh
Byuri Eom
Aaron Fairbanks
Sophia Fenn
Emma Giallongo
Kierstin Gurwell
Kiara Holm
Qianyin Hu
Cathy Huang
Lihang Huang
Meredith Hughes
Suyeon Ji
Benton Jones
Amanda Jung
Ryan Keeth
Madison Kelts
Helena Kim
Risa Kim
Sophia Klimasmith
Michelle Kornberg
Eric Lehman
Emma Lester
Yuzhe Li
Alexander Libenson
Chun Lok Lo
Sophia Lubarr
Kerri Lynch
Richard Ma
Katharine MacIsaac
Natali MacKinnon-Booth
Shadi Mahjoum
Anna Makar-Limanov
Colleen McDonough
Hannah Messenger
Lia Muckjian
Dana O’Rourke
Emma Pierce-Hoffman
Rahul Ramakrishnan
Katrina Rizzuto
Julia Samuelian
Mary Sealey
Alexia Stefanovich
Sarah Stewart
Jessica Strokowski
Rebecca Tananbaum
Momoko Tokuo
Sierra Tseng
Carly Tymm
Arthur Tzouvelis
Seth Warner
Mengjia Xu
Ji Won Yoon
Lynnea Young
Melina Young
Anya Zhang


 High Honor Roll
Seth Altman
Katherine Amrein
Elisa Bello
Elena Bragg
Cara Bumcrot
Devon Carter
Olivia Castagno
Douglas Christian
Hope Colasin
Olivia Cronin
Rafaela DeLeon
Gavin Denison
Meghri Dervartanian
Julia Dexter
Alexandra Dionne
Kellianne Doyle
Haley Fay
Austin Fernald
Elizabeth Ferrante
Rosa Fitzgerald
Amelia Fox
Elisabeth Frick
Eva Gallagher
Lucia Guzikowski
Na Yir Ha
Hannah Haines
Anna Handte-Reinecker
Brenna Harrington
Haley Hashemi
Nicholas Hasselmo
Alexander Hill
Wilson Ho
Carol Huang
Hayoung Hwang
Ji Eun Jun
Carson King
Annierose Klingbeil
Fiona Kolterman
Spiros Kritharas
Clare Lai
Yoo-Kyung Lee
Jeffery Lindeland
Joanna Lu
Xiru Lyu
Vanessa Maione
Solomon Mankin
James McNamara
Elaine Miao
Neal Mulani
Katherine Muson
Samantha Nelson
Margaret O’Brien
Katherine O’Malley
Kimberly Paquette
Yeonjae Park
Emma Pejko
Luke Perrotta
Emma Perrow
Grace Ramsey
Pablo Reimers
Katerina Romneos
Diana Sabitova
Rebecca Sandvos
Oliver Schor
Bryan Scordino
Casey Shea
Sarita Shera
Lau Silverlieb-Seltzer
Brian Smith
Charles Smith
Tae Young Son
Ashley Sorenson
Brenna Sorkin
Sai-Aksharah Sriraman
Sabine Strauch
Jonah Sundahl
Nischal Tamang
Catherine Tang
Winter Teller
Andrei Tong
Bridget Treanor
Vinutna Veeragandham
Daniel Vernick
Amy Wang
Thomas Wasserman
Eli Workman
Samantha Xu
Beth Young
Julie Yu
Thomas Zembowicz
Leena Abdelghany
Rasheed Abdullah
Benjamin Abouzeid
Joshua Alasso
Tamara Allakhverdova
Carey Allard
Anelise Allen
Abigail Andersen  
Lou Lou Baghdady
Timothy Bailey
Brandon Baldi
Alix Balsan
Annabel Banks
Eliza Barmakian
Samuel Bastille
David Belorian
Olivia Bible
James Boyle
Julia Bozkurtian
Laurent Brabo
Luna Bradley-Hurley
Lilikoi Bronson
Ethan Brooks
Haley Brown
Henry Brown
Jacqueline Bussin
Aidan Cadogan
Margaret Cameron
John Carson
Eric Chao
Sophie Chen
Elana Chen-Jones
Brandon Chicz
Carly Christofori
Trevor Collins
Nicolas Coppolo
Benjamin Crocker
Dakarai Crowder
Johnna Crowley
Jake Cunningham
Julia Cunningham
Micaela Curtin
Grace Curtis
Connor Dacey
Anna Dalby
Abigail D’Angelo
Eleanor Dash
Caroline Daskalakis
Stephanie Delva
Austin Deng
Lillian Devitt
Jack Doherty
Julia Dolan
William Domeniconi
John Doyle
Andrew Duda
Meredith Eagar
Will Ellet
Nathaniel Espelin
Margaret Fahey
William Findlay
Teresa Frick
Autumn Galindo
Bridget Gardiner
Anasia Goodwyn
Nathaniel Green
Madeleine Guettler
Philipp Guettler
Kaela Hale
Olivia Hardy
Bradley Harvey
Erin Haverty
Margaret Higgins
Yuriko Hishiya
Bryan Huang
Allison Hughes
Amelia Ickes
Jeremy Jackson
Navya Jain
Won Young Jang
Gayane Kaligian
Olga Katayenko
Marina Kelleher-Durkop
Anjali Khare
Joseph Kirya
Brian Kleckner
Mizuki Kobayashi
Asa Kohn
Olive Kozelian
Nicholas Krom
Hyuk- Je Kwon
Wooseong Kwon
Lauren LaFauci
Jacob Lenef
Fengyi Lin
Owen Loveluck
Christine MacLeod
Raffi Manjikian
Julia Martin
Ainslee McMullin
Maxwell Meier
Matthew Messer
Linnea Metelmann
Neil Mhatre
Alec Morin
Brittany Muller
Max Murphy
Marc Muser
Sebastian Newell
Brandon Nichols
Francisco Noack
Christina Noonan
Ryuichi Ohhata
Nairi Ostayan
Jun Hyeok Park
Elena Parsons
Kailee Pellicane
Calvin Perkins
Natalie Peterson
Olivia Pierce
James Pollock
Michael Pomer
Max Pounanov
Meron Power
Connor Quinn
Lisbeth Quintin
Grace Ramey
Calista Reagan
Veronica Reyes
Kylie Rhone
Eve Richards
Steven Rizzuto
Michael Rodriguez
Samuel Rogers
Jessica Rosenstein
Rosemary Rouskova
Patrick Rumley
Joshua Ryan
Alexa Sabatino
Eric Saidnawey
Rebecca Salame
Michael Samuelian
Emma Sass
Mohammad Sayeed
Rebecca Schwartz
Max Serrano-Wu
Alexandra Shapazian
Henry Sheehan
Siddhanta Shrestha
Luca Sivers
Diana Small
Daniel Sokol
Erika Sorenson
Norman Staub
Zachary Steward
Tess Stromberg
Richard Sullivan
Georgia Sundahl
Jennifer Tan
Jean-Michel Thompson
Sebastian Tolls
Ana Turner
A Valenzuela Valenzuel
Sandhya Veludandi
Shira Vilvovsky
Evan Wagner
William Westermark
Bruce Westgate
Barbara Wetter
Calvin Yang
Joseph Yoon
Quan Yu
Victoria Zarkadas
Andy Zhang














Benjamin Ackerson
Nicolas Albano
Elisa Aleixo
Alex Aleksandrov
Charlotte Alexin
Anna Alibrandi
William Alvarez
Yilei Bai
Danielle Baiany
Nikola Bayro Jablonski
Olivia Belshaw
Marisa Benedetti
Rachel Berets
Drew Bodmer
Antranig Boynerian
Taylor Butner
Nadiah Caceres
Peter Cahoon
Nathan Campbell
Aidan Carey
Eleanor Carlile
Kristina Carvalho
Philip Carvalho
Samantha Casey
Julia Cella
Eleanor Chambers
Julia Chase
Ariana Chinoporos
James Clark-Stewart
Austin Cole
Zachary Colleran
Skylar Coutinho
Ellis Croce
Adam Cronin
Kshitiz Dahal
Margaux d’Arbeloff
L De Azevedo Siqueria
Elizabeth Deese
Julia Delhome
Graham Denison
Eliora Doblin
Kathryn Doyle
Daniel Ellison
Rae Erdos-Steinberg
Jeremy Evans
Spencer Fan
Samuel Finn
Sylvie Gallagher
Colin Galvin
Emma Gharibian
Molly Goldberg
Ilina Gulati
Elijah Gullage
Hisako Gutterman
AnnMarie Habelow
Reagan Haight
Daron Hamparian
Muhammad Hamza
Louisa Harris
John Haverty
Yuntian He
Cullen Healey
Francis Hogan
Haig Hovsepian
Alena Jaeger
Cameron Jefferson
Madeline Jenkins
Bonnie Jin
Hayoung Jo
Claire Johnson
Benjamin Jones
Emma Jones
Madeleine Keaveney
Danielle Kelly
Christoph Kim-McMullin
Elizabeth Knight
Diana Krmzian
Maija Kubasek
Hannah Kusnitz
Alexander La Roche
Jacob Laffey
Daniel Lay
Sarah Lessin
Annie Li
Cathleen Li
Daniel Li
Wangjun Li
Yuyang Li
Nathaniel Lichauco
Alice Luo
Owen Luo
Isabelle Luongo
Lina Ma
Katharine Mabbott
Aisling Madden
Ava Madden
Jenna Magno
Serena Maione
Gabriel Manetas
Fiona Martin
Jeremy Martin-Joy
Ariana Maserejian
Francesca Mei
Clara Miller
Sarah Montoya
Dervla Moore-Frederick
Alexandra Moran
Lori Mouradian
Serena Murphy
Katarena Nalbandian
Sara Nelson
Grace Newberry
Van Ngo
Feruz Nurhussien
Adina Ornstein
Devan O’Toole
Natalie Ourfalian
Axel Pellenq
Maerose Pepe
Aneka Pradhan
Kevin Quirk
Sophia Ramey
Paul Ramsey
Calvi Reinhardt-Ertman
Andrew Reppucci
Noah Riley
Dana Romagna
Mateo Saint-Ourens
Rachael Scali
Maxwell Scenna
Isaiah Sealey
Elal Segev
Nikita Shcherbakov
Simon Sivers
Sepehr Sokhanvar
Mariel Somers
Anya Sondhi
Athanasios Speros
Emma Steinert
Lea Grace Swinson
Gillian Tahajian
Manvi Tandon
Nicole Thoma
Walker Thomas
Lily Tromanhauser
Audrey Tucker
Maxim Turkowski
Rebecca Turner
Sarah Tymm
Erik Uhlmann
L Valenzuela Valenzuel
Danielle Veo
Brendan Walsh
Joseph Wenzel
Helena Wetzel
Marley Williams
Yaxuan Wu
Jerry Xu
Michelle Yan
Charles Yeh



Cailin Abouzeid
Clark Addis
Melanie Aftandilian
Robert Aiello
Yara Akkeh
Adam Alper
Megan Alper
Sarah Ananian
Lindsey Annus
Kyra Armstrong
David Bailey
Adelaida Balagyozyan
Andrew Ballard
Ariana Banijamali
Cole Bartels
Abigail Baskerville
Conor Bean
Patrick Bean
Kevin Bennett
Ines Benyamina
Danielle Bernazani
Jessica Blake-West
Ian Bowe
Caroline Burns
Richard Butler
Peihua Cai
Erin Cantor
John Carbeck
Sofia Cellucci
Emma Chambers
Hope Chang
Zoe Chase
Langston Chen
Tony Chen
Thomas Choy
Michael Cole
Benjamin Covell
Benjamin Cunningham
Kabita Das
Chloe Derba
Dhylan Desai
Nolan Devine
Doaa Eldessouki
Lloyd Ellison
Michael Ferrante
Julia Fontana
Grant Gilbert
Andrew Giorgio
Caroline Goulding
Peter Griffiths
Sophia Guzikowski
Ani Hackett
Kevork Hamparian
Julian Hansen
Lowell Haska
Tess Hayner
Sarah Henman
Eriko Hishiya
Molly Hubbard
Isabella Jaen Maisonet
Lena Jiang
David Jimenez
Nicole Johnston
Peter Joll
Nicholas Jones
Madison Jozefiak
Alex Kachadurian
Panagiota Karellas
Gabriel Karma
Andrew Kelley
Trevor Kelly
Cynthia Kelsey
Samantha Kelts
Jessica Keniston
Matthew Kerans
Brett Koslowsky
Allison Krauss
Ha Young Kwon
Samrina Lamichhane
Katelyn LaRussa
Michael Lazar
Kevin Li
Maggie Liu
Pui Chi Lo
Stephen Lucas
Margaret MacAulay
Kate Macauley
Anastasia MacEwen
Grace Maddox
John Mahon
Debra Mannix
Ani Maroyan
Eli Martin
Enrique Massidda
Maxwell Matthes
Katherine McCarthy
Katelyn Messer
Solvay Metelmann
Varak Mouradian
Thomas Moyles
Veronica Murray
Serena Nally
Renuka Nannapaneni
Kyra Nelson
Nicolas Neves
Marina Nicoletti
Renna Nikolaidis
Sara Noorouzi
Lindsey O’Brien
Brian O’Neil
Sarah Paolillo
Paulina Papadopoulos
Junho Park
Shreya Patel
Francesca Pellegrini
Nina Pellegrini
Luke Peterson
Kirsten Poulos
Hannah Read
Faye Reagan
Carlos Rendon
Julia Rifkin
Joshua Rodrigues
Katrina Rokosz
Dylan Ryan
Vaness Salazar-Pineros
Ryan Sass
Ritika Saxena
Mohammad Sayeed
Naria Sealy
Catherine Seaver
Tyler Setterlund
Krushali Shah
Joseph Shaughnessy
Anna Shuster
Princy Sindurakar
Sonal Singh
Caitlyn Sloane
Khenijah Soberanis
John Stewart
Peter Stoesser
Sofia Stratford
Adrian Tanner
Suryanka Thapa
Swapnil Thapa
Matthew Thompson
Lucas Tragos
Nicholas Trischitta
Carmen Trout
Tea Valette
Daniel Vetrano
Justin Wagner
Raphael Wagner
Chenyu Wang
Xiaotong Wang
Zeyao Wang
Travis Ward
Jessica Zavaro
Kaiwen Zhang


Gabriel Altieri
Nikolaos Andrikidis
Aran Ansari
Leslibeth Arias
Demetri Axiotis
Pauline Ayer
Alexa Bassler
Anthony Battista
Sami Belkadi
Peter Berens
Alexander Berets
John Borelli
Alexis Bowman
Samuel Bozkurtian
Michael Brodigan
Nicolas Call
Steven Chen
Lucas Cmok Kehoe
Shauna Collins
Katherine Conlin
Sophie Cosgrove
Lillian Dash
Max Davidowitz
John Decoulos
David Dignan
Kasia Dillon
Key Duckworth
Peter Durkin
Sophi Eschenbach-Smith
Andrew Eurdolian
Kyle Eyma
Darcy Feeley
Charles Frigo
Luke Gallagher
Brian Garrett
Alexander Gharibian
David Gibson
Evan Goldberg
Connor Gosselin
Riley Grant
Dan Guo
Jacob Hale
Linda Herlihy
Alexis Herosian
Jacqueline Hill
Luna Hote
Chihiro Ichikawa
Isabella Janosi
Lucas Jenkins
David Johnson
Todd Johnson
Noah Johnston
Carrie Jones
Frederick Jones
Anna Kaplan
Kathryn Kennedy
Anna Khachaturova
Christin Kim
Najin Kim
Adam Kleckner
Yvette Kleinbock
Matthew Lawson
Benjamin Lazenby
Linda Lee
Kadra Lindmeier
Ting Lo
Erica Loh
Owen Madden
Kayla Magno
Courtney Malcolm
Thomas Martin
Campbell McCready
Erin McLaughlin
Eden Mequanent
Noah Miller-Medzon
Alexander Montalvo
Robert Moran
Caroline Mountain
Fiona Mulrooney
Vasil Nikolov
Suzanne Noone
Cali Oliver
Nicholas Osborn
Sarah Osborn
Zaria Osborn-Pight
Ekim Otucu
Slater Panosian
Isabel Paredes
Hae Soo Park
Arthur Pellenq
Emily Polansky
Jeremy Polcari
Avery Pullman
Marisa Puma
Daniel Quinn
Soo Jung Rhee
Isabelle Rich
Daniel Rizzo
Nicholas Rocha
Nicholas Ryan
Nicole Saidnawey
Haley Sawyer
Katherine Saylor
Margaret Shea
Ari Silverfine
Timothy Siracusa
Anika Somers
G Souza Da Silva Ramos
Basiliki Speros
John Stone
Alexander Sun
Dong-Min Sung
Ryan Touzjian
Naomi Tuber
Naomi Vilvovsky
Aiyang Wang
Ruiqi Wang
Brian Webber
Matthew Wilk
Rowan Wolf
Valeria Wronski
Benjamin Wu
Mary Yeh

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