BHS Start of School Schedules

Belmont High School
  Start of School Schedule
First Day of School 9/2/15
9th and 12th Grade Class Assemblies
HOMEROOM 7:35 AM 8:13 AM
A3 8:15 AM 8:38 AM Freshman Assembly at 8:15 am.
iPads distributed at end of assembly.
Freshmen will return to their D3 class.
B3 8:38 AM 9:01 AM
C3 9:02 AM 9:25 AM
D3 9:25 AM 9:48 AM
E3 9:48 AM 10:11 AM
F3 10:13 AM 10:36 AM
G3 10:36 AM 10:59 AM
H3 10:59 AM 11:22 AM
I3 11:24 AM 11:47 AM
J3 11:47 AM 12:10 PM
K3 12:10 PM 12:33 PM
L3 12:35 PM 12:58 PM Senior Assembly at 12:35 pm. Seniors will take their class picture immediately after meeting.
M3 12:58 PM 1:25 PM
Thursday Friday
9/3/2015 9/4/2015
10th and 11th Grade Class Assemblies No School
Sophomore Assembly at 8:27 am
iPads distributed at end of Assembly
Sophomores will return to their FGH4 Class
Junior Assembly at 1:36 pm
Juniors will be dismissed directly from the assembly

BHS Picture Days, 2015-2016

  • Freshmen
    • Monday, 9/14
    • During Social Studies classes
    • Little Theatre  (teachers escort classes to the theatre)
    • No hats allowed

* Freshmen who do not have a social studies class should go during their free mods.

  • Sophomores
    • Tuesday, 9/15
    • During Science classes
    • Little Theatre  (teachers escort classes to the theatre)
    • No hats allowed

* Sophomores who do not have a science class should go during their free mods.

  • Juniors
    • Wednesday, 9/16
    • During Math classes
    • Little Theatre  (teachers escort classes to the theatre)
    • No hats allowed

*Juniors who do not have a math class should go during their free mods.

  • Seniors
    • Thursday, 9/17
    • During English classes
    • Little Theatre  (teachers escort classes to the theatre)
    • No hats allowed

*Seniors who do not have an English class should go during their free mods.

  • Picture Retakes Day (For students who wish to have their picture retaken, were absent or had conflicts. Students should go during their frees.)
    • Wednesday, 10/21
    • During free mods only
    • Back of Auditorium
    • No hats allowed

Do I Need a Graphing Calculator for Math Class?

YES! All math courses with the exception of Geometry use graphing calculators throughout the year.

This is the first year that we are requiring Algebra 1 students to have a graphing calculator. The math teachers recommend a Texas Instrument brand:  TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-84, or TI-84 plus.  These calculators are powerful, durable tools that will be used throughout our high school courses and into college level courses.  Although other brands are available the teaching staff is fluent in the functions and formats of the TI brand and uses a TI computer software to demonstrate the calculator use and to present and discuss problems in class.

Belmont High School Garden and Food Justice Club

Belmont High School — Now at the close of its second summer, the Belmont High School Garden and Food Justice Club held a ribbon cutting ceremony this past Monday, August 17th, to celebrate the garden’s success and recent improvements. In attendance were members of the community that made this project possible, including students, BHS Principal Dan Richards, and community supporters.

The student-led club founded the High School’s first vegetable garden in the spring of 2014.  With support from The Belmont Food Collaborative, the garden is a continuation of the organization’s “Community Growing” project, with the goal of providing organically-raised produce for the local Belmont Food Pantry. Community members care for several other gardens around town. The BHS Garden is cared for by students during the school year and summer and during the non-growing season the club hosts a Winter Food Drive, as well as other projects and trips.

During its first summer, the garden’s four beds hosted tomatoes, eggplant, bush beans, broccoli and beets, with seedling donations from Belmont Acres Farms. Now in its second season, the garden received a grant from The Whole Kids Foundation to finance cedar post fencing and blueberry bushes.

Many individuals have made this possible: Thanks to Principal Dan Richards and Fred Domenici, Head of Grounds, at BHS; Mike Chase of Belmont Acres Farm for seedling donations; Joan Teebagy of the Belmont Food Collaborative for writing The Whole Kids Grant; Suzanne Johannet of the Belmont Food Collaborative for her guidance and practical support; and Michael LaPierre of ML Fencing for donating the fence-installation labor.

BHS Garden IVBHS Garden 1

The student founders of the club, Olivia Cronin and Maggie O’Brien, are recent graduates, and leave the garden in the able hands of four new leaders, Ammu Dinesh, Brett Koslowsky, Alena Jaeger, and Ann Pan. The club hopes to continue expanding, increasing the BHS Community’s involvement in the garden and promoting conversation about sustainable growing and food insecurity in Belmont and beyond.

BHS 2015 Freshmen and New Students Orientation

Freshmen Orientation

This year’s freshman orientation will be held Thursday, August 27, at 5:00 PM at Belmont High School.  There will be tours of the school, an opportunity to meet upperclassmen and pizza!  All freshmen are encouraged to attend.

New Students to Orientation (grades 10, 11 and 12)

New Students Orientation (grades 10, 11 and 12) will be held on Aug. 28th from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. Students should report to the Little Theater. All new students are encouraged to attend.

Hope to see you there!

BHS 2015-2016 Homeroom Assignments

101 S. Abdallah – W. Bazakas-Chamberlain Library B. Ackerson – R. Berets
102 L. Biette – G. Christensen 130 M. Berry – J. Clark-Stewart
103 A. Christo – N. Fiacco 131 A. Colasin – D. Ellison
104 A. Finn – J. Hannibal 132 J. Evans – M. Habelow
105 N. Hansen – S. Kaushik 133 R. Haight – H. Jo
106 V. Kaxiras – B. Madden 134 C. Johnson – J. Lessin
107 K. Magnuson – K. Mohieddin 135 S. Lessin – S. Manjikian
108 A. Mohr – N. Picardi 136 F. Martin – L. Nielsen
112 A. Pitner – N. Sharma 137 F. Nurhussien – A. Reppucci
113 C. Shea – D. Tolan 138 P. Rhee – P. Smith-Rise
114 J. Valerius – T. Zheng 115 S. Sokhanvar – K. Valerius
116 D. Veo – R. Zoffreo
202 L. Abdelghany – J. Berger 229 R. Abellard – A. Banijiamali
203 R. Bhat- C. Carere 230 E. Barra – H. Chang
204 J. Carson – J. Cunningham 231 Z. Chase – K. Das
206 M. Curtin – N. Ellard 232 C. Debra – K. Giordano
207 W. Ellet – M. Guettler 233 A. Giorgio – N. Johnston
208 P. Guettler – N. Jain 234 P. Joll – C. Kohl
212 J. Jang – A. Krafian 235 M. Kornberg – N. MacKinnon-Booth
214 N. Krom – J. Luce 221A G. Maddox – S. Nally
215 T. MacEwen – M. Nagashima 242 R. Nannapaneni – D. Rass
216 H. Nakayama – M. Pounanov 243 H. Read – A. Shrestha
217 M. Power – M. Samuelian 245 A. Shuster – M. Thompson
223 E. Sass – A. Smith 247 M. Tokuo – K. Zhang
224 D. Sokol – A. Turner
225 W. Valentine – M. Zhu

Edline Accounts and iPad Distribution


Edline is BHS’s online student information system. Student schedules (after September 1), report cards, progress reports and teacher assignments are all posted to your student’s private Edline account. If freshmen are transitioning from the Chenery Middle School to Belmont High School, your Edline login and password accounts have not changed.

-Families who do not have Internet access should call the Main Office at (617) 993-5901 to make arrangements to pick up student reports. Edline can be accessed through the BPS website at Select the “For Students” menu and then “High School Edline”.

-Students without Edline accounts will receive their activation codes during the first week of school. Parents without Edline accounts will receive their activation codes at the Back-to-School Night on September 16.

iPad Distribution

-Freshmen – September 2, after the morning class assembly

-Sophomores –  September 3, after the morning class assembly

-Juniors – September 3,  after the morning class assembly

-Seniors – September 8, pick up at Technology Department

Arlington-Belmont Crew Registration, 2015

Come join one of the most successful teams in Arlington and Belmont! Arlington-Belmont Crew welcomes all students from Arlington High School and Belmont High School. Registration for the fall season is now open. No experience is necessary – we will teach you everything you need to know!

Over the past two years, we’ve won the Massachusetts Public School State Championships in both Fall and Spring and had many other successes. In 2014, we took 23 athletes to the National Championships in Sacramento, CA. In 2015, we took 28 athletes to the National Championships in Sarasota, FL – where our Boys Lightweight 4+ earned silver medals – the second-fastest boat in the country! We also race in the Head of the Charles and many other local and regional events.

Practices are Monday – Friday afternoons at Spy Pond in Arlington, and races are on the weekends. Come join us and see what we’re all about! More info is Try us out for the start of the season and if you don’t like it, get a refund of the participation fee (minus a $50 registration fee). Check out our web site for more info.

Join our team and be a part of our success!